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Andi Prusi
I am a proud momma of four little angels. I want to help others get healthy and fit - for themselves and their families.
I am a proud momma of four little angels. I want to help others get healthy and fit - for themselves and their families.

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Welcome to day 30 of our Eat Move Think challenge! You made it to the end! Congratulations friends!!! I have some fun stuff for your last day. I have a decadent S'mores Shakeology recipe for you, an awesome set of one minute workouts with Autumn Calabrese, and a really cool technique called EFT Tapping to help you celebrate your accomplishments. Let's get started!!

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Day 30 Think -

A snow day and sick babies = lots of cuddling around here today! Good thing today's workout is low-impact yet still challenging. Today I have an open-faced egg sandwich recipe for you, some PiYo moves with Chalene Johnson (I absolutely LOVE PiYo!!), and an incredibly inspiring movie clip that will give you lots of motivation. Leave a comment and let me know what you think of the PiYo moves!

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Goooood morning friends! How are you feeling after yesterday's Pilates workout? Today we are going to SWEAT with Shaun T.! I've also got a sweet veggie recipe for you, and an incredibly empowering video that will definitely inspire you.

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When we change the way we think, we change the way we feel and act. This holds true to the way we word our goals.

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Can you believe we are on Day 17 of our Eat Move Think challenge already?! It's going by so quick! What types of changes are you starting to notice?

Today we've a recipe that is a family favorite with my kids, an awesome Pilates workout that targets your abs and booty, and some vital information that is crucial to getting a good work out in. PLEASE make sure to read today's Think article and leave a comment letting me know if the exercise helped you understand the difference between muscle engagement and momentum.

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Happy Sunday friends! ! enjoyed a fun mom's night out last night, and then I got to watch my Patriots win. Woohoo! I started my morning today with 40 minutes of amazingly relaxing yoga and now I'm looking forward to a great day with my family.

Have you been following our Eat Move Think challenge? I hope you enjoyed your relaxing day yesterday because it's time to turn up the intensity today! Today's Think pin has one of my all-time favorite motivational speeches. Take a few minutes to listen - you won't regret it!

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TGIF y'all!! Thank Goodness It's Friday or Thank Goodness I'm Fit! Today I've got one of my absolute favorite healthy treats for you, a super fun dance workout with Shaun T. and an incredibly inspirational speech from Steve Jobs. Leave the comment TGIF below when you are done with today's Eat Move Think activities. <3

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Welcome to day 12 of Eat Move Think! I hope you guys are enjoying yourselves! I want to stress that this challenge is broken into three specific portions and each one is vital to living a healthy lifestyle. PLEASE make sure to do the MOVE and THINK portions every day. If a recipe doesn't appeal to you, it's okay. Find a different one you like and have that instead. Leave a comment below after you do your workout and watch today's THINK portion and let me know your thoughts on it.

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I've got lots of good stuff for you guys today! I am asking you to please make it a point to read today's Think article. It has some very insightful information on how you can potentially be derailing yourself from reaching your goals. Please share with your family and friends to help them as well!

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Day 11 Think -

Happy Monday! I am feeling energized and ready to go! Today I've got my DELICIOUS 21 Day Fix pizza recipe for you, a nice arm workout with Shaun T. and a helpful talk with Chalene Johnson on emotional triggers and emotional eating. I think this talk can help so many people - please share with your friends who you think can benefit!

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