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Holy crap and a half... Keep doing those calculations, brothers.
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A great video and I can appreciate your comments - not always the best idea to rely on your calculations when it is just possible with no room for error.
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This is something I always suspected: Famous Violinists Can't Tell a Stradivarius from a Newly-Manufactured Violin.
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Indeed! When people buy "insulated" optical cables (or HDMI) I weep. It's so stupid.

Another wine test had a panel of judges rate a number of glasses of red wines (about 7 I think, can't remember exactly) and none of these judges realised that all glasses contained the same wine. Most rated them widely different from each other. ANd these were not amateurs, these were people that did wine tasting (and judging) for a living. 

There is one interesting study saying that eccentric artists are percieved to be better than "normal" ones. i.e. Lady Gaga benefits from dressing in meat. Might be something for you to take to heart. ;-)
[addendum] saw that my last mention acctually was mentioned in the article you posted... Redundant information from me....[/addendum]
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Andi Kravljaca

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Today's office: the Vaxholm city council chamber. Pretty fancy, especially the lighting!
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But nice pics
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Andi Kravljaca

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I decided to throw this song together as a massive tribute to the three minute hits of the 1980s, including a cheesy-yet-tasty solo :)

This also premieres the wonderful six string Ibanex bass graciously donated to me by my dear friend and former Gryphon compatriot, Gustav Stenbeck. Thank you with all my heart.

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As always, killer stuff, Andi.
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Andi Kravljaca

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Take a moment and check out Aeon Zen's very own Steve Burton mashing them sticks in preparation for Album 4!
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Andi Kravljaca

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Really pleased about this review of Celestial Decay's 'Quantum X' in Sweden Rock Magazine: 

"The choice of putting the extremely competent Andi Kravljaca from Silent Call behind the microphone, however, is nothing short of wise. He does an amazing job".
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Yep... we're damn wise!!! 4 sure..! :)
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Andi Kravljaca

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This is something that just blows my mind, on a very basic level. People are in SPACE. RIGHT NOW.
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What also gets me: how insanely fast we are hurtling through space, right now. 
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Andi Kravljaca

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Slow day at work? Better read up on my new best friend. Delivery in two weeks!
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Not a private ownership sadly, it's a flying club. Nevertheless, it is on its way!
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'Released on DVD, BluRay and some kind of digital download' :D Can't wait, James. Can't wait.
Angry Video Game Nerd: The Movie - AN INSIDE LOOK
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Looks fun
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This is a really powerful graphic blog about depression and eating disorders. I wanted to share it because of this one picture, which for me, manages to sum up a lot of why I am so tired at work lately. In the words of the author:

"Wow, I would lose so much of my work days stuck in that cycle. I wondered for months why I was feeling so exhausted just trying to keep up with work - it turns out I was trying to get everything done in essentially half the normal work day, because I spent so much downtime attending to my emotional fluctuations. It didn’t strike me at the time quite how unhealthy that was."

It's called 'I do not have an eating disorder', and if you've ever felt tendencies toward depression, anorexia, self-harm, or have anyone around you who has and whose point of view you wish you understood, give it a try.
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Thanks for sharing
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I manage projects in IT. Yes, that's right, diddlysquat. I also sing! And play instruments! So, unlike what my bosses tell me, not a total waste of oxygen.
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Sarajevo - Stockholm
I'm a nyerrd. That's sort of like being a nerd, but an elevated title bestowed only to those who can read binary ASCII, compile network card drivers or recall off the top of their heads what the specific thrust of a TF101 turbojet is.

I work with IT for a living, meaning that no, I won't really fix your computer, and also that I belong to the plethora of people whose jobs are impossible to accuretely describe. Hence I actually do very little at all, and my life consists of the long wait for the point in time when everyone around me realizes what a big fat fake I really am.

I sing, and love doing so, singing more often than I do well, but in all honesty I hope I always will.

I love science fiction. And fast cars.

I am, quite simply. A nyerrd.
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Avid celebrator of Not-A-Father's Day. Owner of a very limited edition car. Collector of bric-a-brac.
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