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Andi Jarvis
Marketing | Digital | Social | Sport Blogger | Part Time Entrepreneur
Marketing | Digital | Social | Sport Blogger | Part Time Entrepreneur


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I made a video with +Aarowned to try and sell my car. It's sold, but the video is still a modern day classic (in my humble opinion, obviously!). If you need a video making, Aaron is your man. You'll find him at www. (PS you'll see +Nico Fell make a sneaky appearance too)

I've got a 4 week old iPhone 5c for sale. It's pink, 8gb, on Vodafone and is in mint condition. Boxed with all the stuff that usually comes in the box unopened and untouched. I take too many photos for an 8gb phone and need to bump up to one with a bigger memory. Brand new from Apple they're £319, looking for £265. Anyone?

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Important RE: your photos on G+.

"Starting this week, photos with locations that have been shared publicly from your Google+ account will now appear in Views ( in addition to your photo spheres. Some photos may also appear Google Maps, making the map more useful and comprehensive for everyone. You can also go to Views and directly upload or import new photos to expand your collection."

I have been a loyal Googler, Moderator, Beta tester and one of the 10,000 on G+, but this has taken me by surprise and I'm not happy.

Yes, you can remove the location info from your pics, but if you wish to remove it from previous ones, you must do each and everyone, there is no global setting to opt out. 
I have asked Abby DeBellis, the OP in the forums, but as yet had no reply :(
This is the first time I have "Diss'd" Google for anything....I feel sick now.


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Shamelessly posting my latest rugby league (or footy if you prefer) blog. It's got Salford, more Salford, Kevin Sinfield, #WorldClubChallenge, #MagicWeekend and a HUGE dig at Nathan Brown. Would love any thoughts on the content! #rugbyleague #footy #superleague #wcc #nrl  

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Or if politics and #TaylorSwift are more your thing, here's the Prime Minister singing We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together #PM #CameronsBritain 

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This photo is lifted directly from Red Bulletin, one of the best magazines about at the minute, even though it's essential a big ad for Red Bull. Love, love, love this pic
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