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"It's extensive and it's been really covered up...I think the military has been unwilling to really confront that it has this problem." Kirby Dick, the director of "The Invisible War," talks about exposing the issue of sexual assault in the U.S. military in his Oscar-nominated documentary. Watch: 
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Start a female corps ! problem salved...
And how do we weed out the females who cry wolf. That happens a lot too.
+Veronica Orozco you treat their claims seriously, first off. A false claim will come out in the investigation. However, these claims need to be taken seriously. This is a tragedy that this is still allowed to happen. The mentality that most of them are making false reports is part of the problem.
+Jenny Montes I was in the army and seen it happen on more than one occasion. There were women who would advise other women to do it if they were passed up for a promotion so they could get transferred. And the women would get transferred and get their promotions so...
+Veronica Orozco so because some break the law and file false reports, everyone should be allowed to break the law and rape and abuse whomever they like?
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