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A man whose car was stolen by Christopher Dorner says he helped police end the search for the fugitive and wants to collect the reward. But the money was for information leading to the "capture and conviction of Dorner," so should he get it? Watch and tell us what you think: 
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The city put up the Million Dollar bounty that led to the execution. Now pay the man
Ugh grubbing over money in a case like this feels so unseemly. On both sides. I dunno who I'm more disappointed in, in this situation.
+Jim Hebert I don't think so. The city of Los Angeles allowed the Police department to run wild for days while they conducted a manhunt to kill one of their own. Pay the man and let's move on
They do this all the time, have to get a conviction for reward to pay out Rigged I say
This money needs to stay with the city because they still have a potential lawsuit to payout to the two women they shot. Don't forget that all this money is coming from the taxpayer. 
I thought the reward was privately funded for the most part...should be split between this man and the maids....
So he helped end the search which did lead to the capture and conviction. Either way I agree with said statement about taxpayer money. In the end everyone is paying for reward.
The LAPD's original statement regarding the reward, was that the money was from law enforcement unions, private contribution from citizens, businesses, etc... nothing was said about this being tax payer funded. If this man was responsible for locating Mr. Dorner, he should get the reward. Obviously, there will be no conviction. When rewards are offered in situations like this, they should be honored in good faith.
What I wana know was what lead them there. If him reporting his car stolen led them there than he should get it.
Eh..give it to him. But LAPD killed him. 
Split equally with the woman caller.  Privately funded.  LAPD should pay the women they shot.  I'm pleased the LAPD Chief decided to reopen the case.  I hope he continues on with that.
+James Dyson not taxpayer money.

The millions the LAPD will have spent to find him, and the house they intentionally burned down will come at a hefty taxpayer expense though.

I agree +Donald Hodge The police straight shooting a completely innocent person without any provocation or evidence seems like it should be charged as attempted murder.

One man made an entire city PD look like amateurs...if you wanna avoid detection by the LAPD, make sure to stay close by. 
All of the victims of that home grown terrorist should get the reward, not just one person.
I'm quite sure we will NEVER hear or learn the TRUTH about what REALLY led to this mans we all, at one point in our life have seen just how corrupt and crooked Johnny Law is!! When I heard the offer of the One Million Reward .....I KNEW then they'd never pay!....good luck w that Bud!
.... Wow I can only handle so much brain dead dribble at a time.
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