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Former NFL linebacker Junior Seau, 43, died from an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound to his chest. Dr. Sanjay Gupta and Dr. Drew will discuss the circumstances of his death and the possible brain-related injuries linking suicidal athletes. Do you have a question for the doctors? Post your question now and tune in tonight at 8 & 10pm ET.
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after years of playing for a team and being surrounded with the camaraderie of teammates, press, and heightened's hard to be "normal" I'm sorry for his children..RIP sweetheart
Is Dr. Gupta drawing a link between athletes' brain injuries and the suicide? Isn't is possible or even probable that the suicide had something to do with the fame and fortunes of today's athletes and their inability to handle it?
Very sad. RIP Junior.
Sufficient brain trauma has long been linked as a highly potential trigger for suicide.
Dr. Gupta, I've read many articles that these players take a lot of drugs that are similiar to steriods in order to stay competitive. Do you think the cause of suicide is more related to these drugs or the amount of abuse their body's take throughout their entire career; or both?
We must take into consideration these football players start playing football at a very young age.
If it's an apparent suicide, the questions about brain injuries in the nfl will be nonstop! Commissioner Roger Goodell - to his credit - has done more to stop such injuries. His bounty suspensions are beyond timely! In stead of offering monies to other rich players to injure others, Vilma could've giving that money to kids towards college.
It took a lawsuit by former pmayers to get goodell to begin to act.....shame!!!
No doubt the over-tan New Jersey mother will be on your Ridiculist tonight. If not, she should be.
Question for Dr. Gupta: There is research accumulating now that points to omega 3/dha/ala playing a role in healing from brain trauma and even having a protective effect if its already in the system at the time of trauma. I'm not suggesting that football players can avoid all brain damage by simply taking a pill, but it does look as though this supplement can play a role in minimizing the damage. If my son played football, I would certainly make sure he took it every day. What is your opinion on this?
What a sad story. Jr has always been what appeared as a stand up guy. RIP.... Thanks for the good times.
May his family and friends find comfort in his memories.
My thoughts to make me think he took one 2 many hiits like Ali
what is the reason he committed suicide
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