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Anderson is on Jeopardy tonight! It's Power Players Week and he's competing for the big prize: $50,000 for the charity of his choice, The Trevor Project. See if he's quick enough on the buzzer and then tune in to AC360 at 8 and 10pm ET.
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I hope he has a giggle fit...that would be HILARIOUS!
Hey Anderson, you gotta win, you must win. Your fans will donate a dollar each to add to the pot.
Totally watched you for the win! Finally, a newscaster that actually has the brains to back up his big talk!
I love me some Anderson too, but he is such a ham!
a HAM?! what's a ham?! He totally won jeopardy for people who don't know btw....i thought karl rove was a ham.....shoutout to colbert!
Its great that you were able to raise money for your cause
Wow, that's a lot of money, Anderson. You are the best, Anderson!!!
Congrats Anderson, Yay!!!! I watched you, You were great job answer!!!!! :)
You / he did awesome when I herd that he was going to be on I told all my friends that I won't hang because of him. He is a person who inspires all the time. 
I love how Anderson spells things with ALL CAPS & how the print looks cursive. It's neat. A trait unique to Anderson. Big fan of Anderson & his reporting.
i hope he gives his money to the Aids Foundation....this foundation can help sooo many other illnesses in the world,)
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