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We're half-way through the year, so it's the perfect time to count down your Top 5 favorite 2012 RidicuList videos!


Which is your favorite? The Mike and Ike debate? Newsroom extras? Puppet court? Too tan mom? The purloined penguin? Watch all the choices here:
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You laughing uncontrollably is my number one!!
any one with Anderson cracking up gets my vote!
With the way this year is going I feeling the best is yet to come.
I'm sorry I can't vote, I like them all. Keep them coming, AC, your RidicList is what we need after all the depressing news.
Hey Anderson i think you should visit a tanning salon you're  alittle pale
Like many of the Actors today, they don't have time for Tans. and they Can't afford to get a sunburn.
Hey Anderson that was the best  RIDICULIST yet , absolutely hilarious . I'm still laughing.
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