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Forced spending cuts take effect in one week, but it won't shrink lawmakers' salaries. CNN's Dana Bash explains why and asks legislators if they think their paycheck should be cut. Watch what happens: 
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Yes. Put them at an average middle class salary, no health care, and maybe our interests will suddenly be theirs. 
How about we throw them all out of office
Every single one of them should be fired. I know there are laws that keep us from doing that without an election, but 5 years of doing absolutely nothing deserves nothing in return. No pay, no benefits and certainly no job! No cuts to their benefits, then no cuts to mine either.
This is why we struggle with our government.  The government should represent what the american people our going thru.  How can they really understand what we are going thru if they never suffer like the rest of us.  They should have to live from pay check to pay check. Let them live on 30,000 to 40,000 a year.  I bet their tune will change and they will start looking out for the little guy again.
How about this? Their pay raise should be proportional to the rise of high pay employment and rise in GDP while their pay cut is double the amount of people that are unemployed and the amount the GDP drops.

That should get those morons to finally start working for those who elected them.
Finally Anderson asks a journalist Question!!! Yes!
While I applaud this, part of the problem is that those who most need to learn from the pay cuts will not, because they are already wealthy, or have family members that upon their election became lobbyists, so they won't suffer. In the short run, this will feel good but in the long term it will make the barrier to entry even higher for people like us, even as it increases the incentives for congressman and congresswomen to sell themselves to the highest bidder, to ensure their economic future.
Brightly targeted topic. Consider what's happening to the european citizens the late years; they're forced to abandon their way of living, in some cases even elementary needs, while the politicians & the european members are highly keeping their welfare up. That's a shame ..
The buck needs to stop here.  We are over paying these people look at wall street and look at our government.  I don't see any difference in the two.  Government should not be a money making business for the Government works.  They forget who pays them their salary.  I know I didn't vote on 147,000 a year for them.  This is why our nation dept is so big because we over pay them and they just keep spending our tax money. 
I see Republicans in a weird place regarding these cuts;

Most of them voted for it, some of them are calling it "obama's idea," some of them say the cuts are damaging, other say its only 2% of the budget.....there is no consensus, like their policy is based on internet message forums.

They seem to want the political bumpersticker of budget cutters, but they don't want to own the effects of budget cuts. The people that run campaigns on certainty are the ones destroying what little certainty exists.

All I know is that people are talking about billions of dollars like its just a number on paper and intangible. 
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