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This just in: Anderson Cooper is in Gaza.
Anderson will anchor AC360° live on Monday, with reports covering all sides of the conflict.
Tune in at 8 and 10pm ET.
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Stay safe! Thanks for bringing us coverage. 
Let's see how fair and balanced this will be.
Probably not the best idea, but it is what you do.
Lets hope he'll be able to give fair news from both sides.
Yes! Anderson Cooper rocks! I will be sure to tune in.
+Brad Benner The truth is here

"In return for enforcing the quiet, which was never perfect, Israel funded the Hamas regime through the flow of [shekels] in armored trucks to banks in Gaza, and continued to supply infrastructure and medical services to the inhabitants of the Gaza Strip."

What this misses out is the prisoners Netanyahu released in Nov 2011 and again earlier this year. Not only are Israel guilty of rebuilding Hamas fiscally, they also released around 200 Al Qassam fighters to ensure there was someone to fire the rockets they bought back at their own citizens.
That bus looks a lot like a Twinkie................coincidence??
That's funny Debbie, I have been watching Anderson Cooper since he was reporting news to high school students. He has worked for what he has and where he is, I have watched it for 20 years.
The most badass reporter in American news.
When u done, get back home in one piece. Not in pieces. 
You going to be away for Thanksgiving Anderson :)
What the heck you giving the terrorist side? Israel is defending itself. Muslim extremist like Ham mas, Iran and Egypt muslin brotherhood. They want a world caliphate , accept their religion or die. Islam and sharia law are evil and should be wiped from the planet.
jeremy you are sick, where did you get this informaion from, you need to inform your self before you can post ignorant comments. Anderson is showing two sides of the story, and i belive he doing an exellant job. keep up the good anderson, and god bless you man.
A true warrior! It's amazing how someone can be born rich and have so much motivation for personal success. 
Yes, he is so humble, and what ever must he has, he appears to have worked hard for it and enjoy working hard for it.  I shall be so humble!
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