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A former LAPD officer says he understands Christopher Dorner's frustration, but doesn't support his use of violence. Brian Bentley tells Anderson about what he calls rampant misconduct and racism he encountered during his years on the force in the 90s. Former LAPD Counterterrorism Chief John Miller gives insight into changes made in the department in recent years. Watch and tell us what you think: 
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Anyone who has ever lived in or visited LA, and had the unfortunate reason to have to encounter their officers know that racism and mistreatment of minorities is still rampant in their ranks. Why do we as a society elevate police, politicians, and entertainers to above citizen status? Somehow making them immune to certain laws. 
I have never understood why when someone kills a cop, the murder is somehow elevated to a more serious crime. Murder is murder, right? Would my death be less important a crime to solve than a Police Officers?
The whole city has a major issue. I've been here 2 years and from the beginning I've been deeply disgusted by the attitudes here. 
+lois howe Police are suppose to be there to protect those who can't protect themselves. A citizen should be able to protect themselves if they so choose, and not HAVE to rely on the police for said personal protection. Everyone doesn't call the police for every little thing. They have effectively found a way to convince citizens to hand over all the citizens rights in self protection. Making it appear that they, the police, are the only choice. This is not true.
People talking all this "brotherhood" crap.. That sounds like a gang to me. Being loyal to your "brothers"??? How about being loyal to the citizens that hire you? How about being loyal to the law that says to not beat a fellow citizen? They aren't hired to exact justice. They are hired to bring other citizens who violate our laws, to other citizens who will decide not only if they're guilty or not, but if/and or what punishment should be handed out. Police across this country are overstepping their duties, and this eventually will result in a backlash by the people......Again.
+lois howe I'm not arguing that its not your right to do that. In every society there are those weak individuals who need protection from stronger individuals. They are the ones who need police. Not every citizen needs the police for protection. There are some who choose, and reserve the right to be able to protect themselves. Only suckers and weaklings look to others to protect them.
Exactly... "The law" made by a few members of society. Not by society. Those members who make an introduce the laws are generally the ones who need the protection anyway. I should be able to protect myself if I so choose. If you choose to leave your life and liberty up to some punk ass citizens in uniforms, that's up to you. Get out and meet some of these protectors personally... You might just come to the realization that they are nothing special. Not super human. Just regular joes in a uniform.
These cops in LA beat and shoot suspects daily. Hell, they just shot three innocent people in their car who posed no threat just because they "thought Dorner might be in the car"... Where's the outrage on that. Cops should be held accountable. I'm not even asking to hold them to a higher standard. Just hold them to the same standard as the rest of us. I couldn't go shoot at passengers in a car just because they looked like someone I was after.
Bahaha. Ive never seen such backwards reasoning. I agree with you Les. Cops are here to protect us when we cant. Not to abuse their power and mistreat those they are supposed to protect. Being a police officer doesnt put you any higher than a citzen. Citizens are supposed to be the most powerful anyways...
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