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Hangout with Anderson Cooper this Thursday! Anderson, Isha Sesay, Randi Kaye and Producer Jack Gray will be answering your questions.

What do you want to ask? Post your questions now and watch live on May 10 at 6:45 p.m. ET.
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Here's my question:What the heck is wrong with this Country?Why can't we help those of us who need it?I am talking about the unemployed,the Elderly,the Ill,and the Kids that are suffering because of all the red tape the Gov puts them through.It is a travesty to think that we are going back to the days when the Elderly are eating cat food because it's cheap.How can We as a Nation allow this to happen again?I know what your going to say,but I know that if EVERYONE helped another person with a "Hand Up" this crisis would be over,we would be working again.Think about that.
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Why does the high-end media, like CNN, ignore the egregious and rampant wrongdoing by the FAMILY LAW INDUSTRIALISTS?

I do know that not all mediators, therapists, judges, clerks and lawyers are "bad guys." Yet in Shasta, Nevada, Marin, San Diego, Butte and MANY other counties (CA.), the Family Law Industry (FLI) "professionals" are ILLEGALLY abducting children from PROTECTIVE parents... the self-protective architecture of the FLI, judges whom granted themselves "Judicial Immunity," are seriously harming our most vulnerable ones.

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This is the fluff-piece done on the scoundrel who ILLEGALLY abducted my daughter 424 days ago with no contact allowed... no abuse and no neglect and a REFUSAL to even read my proper opposing declarations...
J Roque
Here's a topic for discussion, AC360: How can we make the upcoming political campaign more bearable?

Amend the election laws so that 50% of any money going to a political candidate or party, or paying for any political advertisement, goes to the school system. That's right, rather than blocking or limiting who buys which candidate running for office, we would encourage people (and by "people" I obviously mean corporations, who else?) to go all out giving as much money as they want. Half of all of that goes to public schools.

Imagine, rather than turning down that obviously slanted, obnoxious and patently false ad accusation against a candidate, we'd be saying "cha-ching! all the way to the school bank.
hi Anderson .i love to watch ac360 and other shows on CNN. but i do have one question for you Anderson. what is the proper way to say and spell Al-Qa'ida?is it Al-Qa'ida or al-Qaeda ? i know that peter bergen say's it with an i and he has followed them for about 20 yrs . but some in the cnn orginazion say it with an e. i watch out front an she says it with an e.i was just wondering who was right.i will be watching on tv and checking here on g+ thanks.
Who comes up with topics for The Ridiculist?--other than someone like Rush Limbaugh making a direct public comment and generating one.
Mass sighting reported over St.Pete a little while ago. Someone said humans were STUPID and ET said it. Anyone looked into this?
Id like to know most of all why taken since 2009 to realize there is problem with Post911 GI Bill/Student Loans. US trying to bankrupt previous vets? Tresaury overzealously taking $$ that doesnt belong to them and they wont stop. My debts are paid. Thank you VA...
Ive heard some weird news before..but does anyone have a contingency for friendly aliens?
I've been impressed by your reporting on bullying in our schools. What compelled you to start reporting on this issue?

(Also, on a completely unrelated note, I think it's kind of creepy how everyone in that picture has the exact same smile.)
Excellent questions and some interesting commentary...thanks everyone! Keep 'em coming!
"How can I get my old man back? He left me with fourteen children, so tell me; how can I get my old man back?" Which movie is that from, Jack?
If you could relive one moment of your life what would it be?
To all: Have you accomplished everything that you wanted to accomplish, both professionally and personally, by this point in your life?
whats the fastest and best way to be a broadcaster? Start as a producer or start at low budget networks?
For Isha- I am loving your new show on CNNi, congratulations! What direction do you plan on taking it in the future?

For Anderson- Your eyes are so sharp and intense! You can really tell you're listening, but have guests or staffers ever admitted some intimidation?
Do you ever get tired of doing your job and how can I break into the news anchor business 
For ALL: How many hours a day (week day) do you work and what are you mostly doing?
I love Anderson copper 360... How do you not laugh about some stories?
Dear Anderson and team,
First of all I would like to thank you for all your hard work. My question is for Anderson: Have you ever thought about writing a second book? (Please do, it was amazing) if not why?
To Anderson and Jack: Will there be any plan to have live AC360 coverage outside the US within the next months?
Hi Coops! I'm a HUGE fan! Hope to meet you one day! I have two questions for you. Do you think you will ever have Kelly Ripa or Jeff Corwin on your show? (Maybe Kelly as your co-host) I know you are friends with both. My second question is: I heard that 60 min. wants you full time. Do you have any plans to take them up on their offer when your contract with CNN runs out next year?
What would it take to get you to dance on air? If all your fans combined raised one million dollars for the charity of your choice, would you do it?
Is it better to start working straight after college as a journalist or is it better to get a masters then work?
Canada is phasing out the penny and the last one was stamped on May 3rd. Do you believe the US will follow suit and phase out it's own penny soon?
Patrick, I can answer that, even from a slanted MIL PJ perspective....You seek the truth, no matter where it takes you. Im out since 2008, but I never let up for one second.
To harp on see corruption, in schools, in GOVT, in the MILITARY, overseas...etc. and you draw your line, plant your feet, tell the truth and come what may.So what if other dont agree, you stand up for the wee guy anyways.
Anderson: You are so busy during the week with AC360 and Anderson and on the weekends 60 Minutes. I'm kind of curious how much down time do you have and what do you do during that time?
You have all done countless hours of live TV - what is your most embarrassing moment on camera? (Besides Anderson's giggling of course - that's pure entertainment).
Randi: have you ever done a follow-up to your investigation about infertility drugs being sold on the black market? If not, do you plan on doing so?
Isha: have you had any more Twinkies or Ho-Hos since your birthday? (Don't feel bad - I've never had Twinkies either!)
Jack: everyone I follow on Google+ or twitter seems to be obsessed with current reality shows - yet you are always tweeting about Murder She Wrote. What is the appeal?
Anderson: you must get so many requests for public speaking appearances. How do you decide which ones you will do? Will you reschedule your "360 Degree View of the World" appearance in Vancouver? Canadians were so excited to see you (myself included)!
Jack (or anyone) - I love how the Ridiculists often include clips from Seinfeld and SNL. Do Producers & Writers need to demonstrate a thorough knowledge of these shows before they are hired? I'm envisioning Seinfeld & SNL exams during interviews.
Anderson was recently talking about rudeness on his daytime show, and has been exposing rude people on twitter lately. For each of you - what is the rudest thing you have encountered during an interview? Or the rudest thing a fan has done?
Anderson - you said you got your start in journalism by going overseas with a fake press pass and a borrowed video camera. I've always been curious - why didn't you buy our own camera? Did you ever give it back?
Anderson - I read that you once had a fear of public speaking. How did you overcome that? For everyone - did you ever (or do you now) have any fears and have they ever interfered with your work?
There's news you share with the world and news you tell only one person in the whole world - BFF/Significant Other/Parent/Sibling. Who do you tell only the most important news to?
After what happened to Anderson and his team in Cairo (and other journalists lately in Syria, Mexico, etc.) - are any of you less willing to travel for work, or do you take more precautions traveling than you used to? For Anderson - how did that experience in Cairo change your opinion of Egypt (if at all)? Would you return?
Anderson - how did it feel to have jokes made about your Cairo experience on SNL? ("You cannot punch the handsome off Anderson Cooper"...) Funny, flattering, or offensive?
what do you guys look for in interns? And what is the worst and best thing to do as an internet to land a job after?
Since CNN US' prime time ratings are going down , why do you think AC360 is the only program that hasn't lost double digit ratings? And how do you think the ABC news channel will effect CNN US, especially with the ratings and the ongoing job cuts.

Congrats on the Emmy nominations Anderson And Congrats on the show Isha.
I love the Ridiculist! Whose idea was it to add it to the show and how did you come up with the name? 
Unfortunately I can't make it to tonight's Hangout. Will there be a transcript or something posted later?
Thanks! I'll be looking for it.
With a new Presidential election upcoming, has the main issue concerning voters changed since the last election. How?
Ask them why CNN doesn't have an active Google+ page yet, and when will there be one?
Are any of you or is the AC360 show on Pinterest yet?
Anderson: I've been to your daytime show a few times now, and loved every moment of it! Is it more challenging to be the anchor of AC360 or the host of Anderson?

Isha: I love you. Seriously, you're brilliant--what's your advice to an aspiring journalist?
Anderson, I'm 15 and I think you are so inspiring because you started the career of your dreams and were so determined at such a young age to tell people's stories. How did you know that you wanted to be a reporter, and how did you go through with such a big dream?
why did you guys enter broadcasting journalism rather then other forums of journalism/why even journalism ?
Anderson, you have the most brilliant sense of style and you're hilarious, but I was wondering where you find such amazing clothes. When you wear purple, I almost hyperventalate, not really, but I love it:)
p.s. Every night when I'm eating ice cream I think of you!
Anderson: Has there ever been a time in your life where you were honestly afraid you might lose your life?
Anderson: what is your ritual before going on-air live? Every journalist has their process, what is yours?
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