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A man who wanted to sell his face space got a tattoo of Mitt Romney's campaign logo. He says he has no regrets. Watch: 
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LoL. He can always add onto it. How about Rejected!
Republicans thought they couldn't loose! America still has not goton over Bush
just me
Fucking idiot .
Y'all stop it that is his stupid right to make him look like a ASS I love Bill n Obama but I'm not getting it tattoo on my body but on top of that my face 
And I thought having an ex-GF's name tattooed was regrettable.
Hmmmm.... At least that 15k can go to removing it... Lulz
That's just stupid. There's better things to put on your face. Such as loser, idiot, or do what mike Tyson did and get a tribal. Lol. 
Please give him a break - he must have done it for the love.
Reminds me of that Eminem song "puke", "My next girlfriend, now her name's gotta be Kim." Taken to a whole new level.
I'm judging the fact that he's wearing a PINK SCRUNCHY. 
My first thought was Ultimate Redneckery, but an awful lot of Southern whites voted for the Black Man. One hopes he lied and used Sharpie Marker, we know the money went to meth or OTB.

So who paid him? American Crossroads? That's pricey for a buffoon to do something buffoonish. 
WHO is the douche that PAID $15k? 
Speaking of getting your girlfriend's name tattooed on your butt.
Look I am a Obama fan to death but no way I am getting a tattoo. I have pins bumper stickers books its just so stupid. Hahahaha 
Idiot. Or was he just that desperate 4 cash?
Go ahead and add an E T A R D.
I bet he is glad that Romney won ---- ha ha ha ha dumbass
Sad commentary on the folks on this page making vulgar replies to what one man believed in and took a stand for. Obama supporters only have their Free Phones to show they supported their candidate. SO who's REALLY the losers here?
ter nea
+TERRY TITSWORTH if I'm not mistaken, Obama won..... did I miss something? and what do "Reagan phones" provided by telephone companies, not funded by federal or state taxes, have to do with anything? 
+TERRY TITSWORTH haha are you serious? He first tried to sell space on his face on ebay- for any tattoo, he just needed money.. i'd rather have a free phone 
Tattoos are permanently idiotic. All of them.
Even if rommey did won, this is still really stupid. Imagine in 20 years him still having that. Its like have a Al Gore tattoo ha
Ryan Ng
Is he dumb, or is he poor?
Hahahaha Hahahaha - - - Hahahaha Hahahaha - - - 
I don't really like Mitt Romney either, but let's be serious here for a moment. Is he really stupid when he made thousands of dollars just getting the tattoo? Hell, if it made me that much money I would have done the same thing for an Obama tattoo. Who wouldn't do that if it helped them make that much money especially in this economy?
I want to know what sadistic republican paid $15,000 for this? They should be interviewing That person ;) how many voters did they really think they'd sway ;D
The Consensuses wins.Take what you can get for whatever price you can. or as the masses seem to be saying, "I got mine, screw You."
Welcome to the NEW America....
+Mike Mac Your right De O'Bama did 'win', but all you have to show for it is a free phone, unless you failed to grab one of those Gu'Mint deals.
+TERRY TITSWORTH the masses haven't got anything yet, there's still cliffs the congress needs to avoid, and lots of work to be done.. Wanna help, or are you going to be filled with hate for the next 4 years? Your choice. 
+TERRY TITSWORTH   I didn't get any free phone.  if we find 1,000 people willing to donate $5 each, will you get a big asshole tattooed on your forehead?
That's his ego talking. Suck it up man!
I understand getting a tattoo of a cross, or your wife/kids, but Romney? Lmao.
No wonder Mitt lost, is this what his PR people were busy doing instead of some solid door-to-door ground work?
Hey in a few years no one will remember Romney and he can make it into a cool multicolor tribal!
Wow!!! Why didn't he just get a car with Romney all over it!? 
Mark C
What an idiot.
It looks like it could be tribal, so the only mistake would be an Obama tattoo because at least the Romney has a tribal looking aspect to it.

I am sure he would not be beaten up for no reason... The reason is that despite being a pacifist in philosophy for other people (gun control) they have violent tendencies
Not the brightest bird in the flock but at least he got something out of it.?.
Romney, you don't need to give us (47%) a reason for your losing!  Enjoy your millions in peace.
he should of just used a temporary tattoo, that way he could change sponsors.
Why would you tatoo your face?? And out of all things, thats what he chooses!?!?! O_O (( speechless))
Who cares? Not your face, at least its not something funky like tear drops cause u excon, xgirl friend, ect. But to bad Romney lost, nothing. Doesn't have to worry about the shit hitting the fan, now does he. He's the lucky one ( Romney), still got his freedom live like a king. While the rest of us scrounds for liveing. The cliff is comming.
With supporters like that he was doomed from the start. White power much?
When his drunk wears off he'll realize the chump lost, and all he got was a headache and a permanent scar to reinforce his stupid.

Represent...FOOL !!!
+TERRY TITSWORTH Loser; "One that fails to win", so by definition it's Romney. And thus, without any animosity, this guys has a mark of a loser on his temple. I am sure, he's a great guy though...
Amazing... This wonderful example of "a lack of intelligence" is the exactly the type of Dupe that Governor Romney and the Republican party depended on to get elected.....Luckily this could soon be an extinct species to be replaced with discerning and informed citizens..., 
Things the people do for little money. 15k is nothing. He will regret it.
He's probably one of the 47pct.
I would like to ask him, dude how broke were you? I amaze myself at times juggling my checks however the thought has never cross my mind to have my face tatted up with a logo.... He'll spend a large portion of his15k getting that ¡%*~ removed. 
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