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Some demand remove the adult section on their popular classified ads site because it’s a “hub” for the sex trade, including the trafficking of minors. Hear how answers critics and more on the story at 8 and 10pm ET on AC360. What do you think the site should do?
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Clearly, if is violating a law and trafficking minors they should shut their adult section down and correct it. Monitor it. Make sure they adhere to the law. If they can't do that, then simply remove their entire adult section.
Same rules should apply to as they do to
"Bring in the sheep, bring in the sheep! We shall come rejoicing bring in the sheep!" We should concern ourselves with the young people.
Promiscuous photos alludes to promiscuous behavior and whether said activity is by minors or adults is simply inappropriate. What do we do when a child goes missing? Stop it before it starts or in the case of Backpage stop it while WE have the chance. 
The secert service man should have call his wife to wire the money to him, or he should have got some before he left on his trip. What? money!! That marriage got to be over!
Leave it up; it's not like prostitution is going away, it's going to wind up someplace. May as well be on Backpage where authorities can monitor.
I agree with Dave, all we need is for another website that is based overseas who we have no way of monitoring to becoming the new hub for selling young girls and boys. My solution: go after and prosecute SEVERELY the sick bastards buying kids online.
hadn't interesting in their prostitution, our america's legal it.
why do they need an money? they stills SIN called prostitution, they use on wife's husband and girlfriend's husband called SIN ruin their marriage..
i agree with you elvia as well a lot comments made on this topic but " let he/she that is without sin cast the first stone."
Oh wow people shut the fuck up!!!! who cares? let these people do what they want.. everyone always has a fucking option about sit that doesn't concern then...... 
I know that's right...they just really mad cause they aren't getting shit out of it!!!!!!#realshit 
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