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"The Bully Effect," a powerful new documentary premiering on CNN on Feb. 28 at 10 p.m. ET, focuses on the movement to end bullying in America's schools. Watch a sneak peek: 
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J Pno
Much every angle, many over! 
So sad we still have to talk about this people should able to be who they want to be
Most of the Bullying (aka: stalking) i get comes from one source...ABC news!
Instead of whimpering i don't know why they just don't kick the living shit out of the bully ! their not that tough when they're alone...
I thought G+ was a place for grown-ups... But I see someone left the door open and Anderson snuck in.
Bullying is very wrong and needs to stop
bullying is bad except when the government does....
You will never end bullying, it's human nature. 
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