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Last week we confronted a woman using the name of a 6-year-old victim in Newtown to solicit donations. Today she was arrested on charges of lying to federal agents investigating fraudulent fundraising. Hear the excuse she gave CNN and tune in at 8 and 10pm ET: 
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check the paypal account in extreme detail, follow the $ trail see where it goes and bustem.
She's lower than whale shit. Someone should publish her name, address and picture everywhere so that she can't leave her house without people knowing who she is.
That woman is sick to take advantage of those tragedies.They caught her red handed.Let the FBI WORK out the tangle.   
+Jim Brailey Look at the post? See her picture? Now read the post. See where she lives?

Reading comprehension. Try it. 
+Lizzy Richardson I couldn't find a picture of Ms. Alba, nor do I see her address listed. Maybe you will be so kind as to show me where they may be found.
Anderson is a modern day Walter Cronkite Imho.
I don't see why this is a crime, religious people lie all the time to collect money. Pat Robertson became a billionaire lying to people about how if they give him money god will heal their cancer or find them a new spouse. Politicians also lie all the time to collect money.
Maybe people like Pat Robertson are as big crooks as Noule Alba is, maybe bigger. +John Biaggio 
Like I said Pat Robertson became a billionaire by doing this.
Luckily the long arm of the law caught up with her. 
how can someone be so unethical,totally no heart in this woman she should be put in jail and send aletter of apology. I find this a disgrace to the victims.
She definitely needs to go prison..and all of her money she ever earns should go to those families
good. what scum. i hope she gets everything that's coming to her.
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