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Breaking News: A possible motive in the horrific Newtown, CT school shooting. Details and expert insight, coming up on AC360.
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It would be good to know what makes these people tick.
This is not "breaking news". More like "breaking teaser". It is only news if it contains information.
Well, one thing we DO know is that Lanza was batshit crazy (and that's a technical term, for those following along).
Let me guess, Psych Ops, ongoing coordinated effort to disarm the Americans. This makes more sense than what these clowns in the U.S. media are trying to feed us.
+Stephen Slaughter You stated that "there is no logical reason". I agree.  I feel that it is logical that this operation was carried out by professionals. They were extremely sloppy , so much so that a little investigation is all that is needed to blow up this "News Story". But go ahead with the sarcasm ,I have a sense of humor too.    
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