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With precision and speed, $50 million in diamonds was stolen by armed men in masks at Brussels Airport. The precious cargo was taken about 25 miles from Antwerp, known as the world's diamond-cutting capital. Who's behind the heist? Tune in at 8 and 10 p.m. ET.
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Heh, I got diamonds cheap. They're real mined diamonds? too...

Somebody from the inside start investigating! 
Integrity / ethics / loyalty / honor is being tested in all places at all levels ... In prayer and advanced thankfulness for the many in intelligence and execution to deliver justly where all applicable!  Thank you, +Anderson Cooper 360 at  CNN, for all coverage!!!  God bless!!
Has to be an inside job. Obviously someone knew when, where, why, and how the diamonds were going to be arriving. Or, the Russian mob's professional hackers compromised security and discovered the details, helping orchestrate such a brazen theft. Film at 11.
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