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Merry Christmas, everyone! We made a list and checked it twice...on it you'll find the highs and lows of 2012. Aisha Tyler, Ben Stein, Julie Mason, Pete Dominick, Buddy Valastro, and Isha Sesay join us for "All the Best, All the Worst" at 8pm ET tonight. Tune in and tell us what you're filing under best and worst for the year! Read more:
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A.C. reminds me of Zoolander. Anyone else?
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ni kharamu kwa waislamu kusherehekea x mas
Anderson u r sooo such my very fav person on t.v. U r my true real live hero.. I missed the dead line for co host becuz i wuz n the hospital from a bactria i got after a 7ft illegal dragon bit me. I see such sad things with the black market of these exotic animals! U can make a difference that's just one reason i would have been the best co host! Plus we both from the south me well a one redlight town n a place called LUDOWICI GA. NI SHIT!!! That is jusr two of the things & those r the boring stories lol lol again u r my hero plus ur moms jeans were how i landed the 2nd best man n the world cuz ur 1st!!!! Ur moms famous WHITE SKIN TIGHT G.V. JEANS THE PAIR EVERY TEEN HAD TO HAVE N 1982 lol so plz tell ur mom thanks for me with all my luv & RESPECT FOR U!!!
Tom J
Sounds like some confusion in the posts. Very odd. Hope all is well.
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