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Tonight on AC360: One of Jerry Sandusky's adopted children has said he was molested by Sandusky, according to a statement from his lawyers. We'll have more details on the developments at 8 and 10pm ET.
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oooh it just keeps getting grosser, I live and hour and a half away and that still doesnt feel far enough
this gets more sickening bye the day time to go to the funny farm scary jerry
How many kids is it now?  I just can't believe someone would do that to one kid.
Just shows how clueless the wife is. She testified that she never suspected anything and what a wonderful guy he is. The creep really has her snowed.
I don't know all of the specifics about the case but from what I've heard and seen this case seems like a pretty easy conviction. I can't believe Sandusky made this go to trial. So selfish...
I love how the media and his attorneys keep bringing up Sandusky having "histrionic personality disorder" If anyone took the time to look that up in the DSM-IV, they would see that diagnosis is so inaccurate. Sandusky has narcissistic personality disorder. And of course lest we forget, PEDOPHILIA! He is one sick mutha effah wbo needs to be locked up for life!!! With a cellmate named Bubba who hasn't had a woman since the dawn of time.
Sandusky's attorney said in closing arguments, " It doesn't make sense. A man in his fifties doean't decide to become a pedophile." No sh*t @$$hole!!! He decided to become a pedophile over thirty years ago!!!
+nanci wylde  I totally agree!!  This man was molesting boys for "who knows" how many years, before he was caught!  His trial may be over, and he is going to serve time in jail. But he is yet to receive his real Judgement, and that will come from his Creator, who will most likely send him to into Hell, where he will suffer for all eternity!  Just one old lady's opinion.
yea, but he should wait in prison until that time comes! this guy should never be released from jail. 
Years ago there was a priest from Massachusetts who did the same unspeakable things to young boys. He was convicted and sent to prison. Not long after he got there, another inmate who was in there for life stabbed the priest to death. Jailhouse justice is a beautiful thing. Just sayin'
I care not what anyone wishes to say about it, refute it if you will, but make sure that you know WITHOUT ANY DOUBT, that it isn't THE TRUTH.
+frank day what do you mean by he should wait in prison? Do you think he's going to wait anywhere else? Believe me, his time WILL come. He will never get out of prison. The state prison where he will go when je is sentenced has separate housing for older inmates and separate housing for sex offenders so he'll be among friends.
+nanci wylde   Hear! hear!  Lady, you ROCK!   It's like you stated in your earlier comment, I don't think he'll be in prison long before one of the lifer's in there will stick it to him, just like the priest. However, time will tell, and in the meantime, as you say, he will be among friends!!!  Just one out of many, but as least it's a start.
Thanks Roberta. I think the media has focused way too much on him and has lost focus on the dozens and dozens of children he abused. The Catholic church did the same thing. This, as with the church scandal was a colossal cover up on so many levels by so many people. There are many people who knew a lot more than what they confessed to. A lot of blood on many hands. And yes, the ultimate person we all have to answer to is our Lord. I doubt he'll be granted forgiveness. The third ring of hell will eventually be his permanent address.
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