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Anderson is live from Oak Creek, Wisconsin tonight. He talks to the wife and son of the Sikh temple president who died courageously trying to protect others. Randi Kaye reports on the heroic efforts of the police, and we remember the victims in a special broadcast at 8 and 10pm ET.  
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Jason B
My heart goes out to all who have have been affected by this devastating tragedy. #RIP   #Sikh #respect  
The ignorance is indeed maddening. Sikhs are not muslims and as history goes were actually on opposite sides of many battles! 
I'm so sorry to hear that other families are going through these cowardly criminal acts.
It doesn't really matter what religion they practiced...murder is murder no matter what, no matter where.  This was just flat wrong on many counts.
Jason B
I wonder if this was planned or not.. Super interesting to know about.
+Janice Hougland I agree that this is not about religion, but the unmistakable fact remains that it has to something to do with ignorance. Why would someone shoot at a particular sect or group unless there is hatred towards that group. Murder is wrong but it is more shocking to know that these folks were killed due to ignorance and are completely unrelated to the killers ill feelings. 
My heart goes out to these victims family, hard to forget .
They are in a good hand of GOD.
I see many comments about ignorance, but this is not a problem of ignorance, it is a problem of blindness. Christians are often mistreated or killed in many nations. Those people who cause violence there are not ignorant, they are blind. The same is true in this case, it is not ignorance, but blindness that would lead anyone to this kind of end
Krise S
This is sad and a reminder that there are a lot of undiagnosed crazy people in this world, praying for the families, friends, and neighbors of the community of those affected by this madness
It's interesting that some people keep the need to point out that Sikhs are not Muslim. Yes, they are not Muslim, they're not Hindu as well, however jumping to clarify difference leaves the (albeit perhaps "unintentional") perception that there is something decidedly wrong with those "others". #RIP #Condolences

The hidden notion in many comments about this is that, had they been Muslims, this would somehow be "deserved". The fact is that no one, Muslim, Sikh, Jew, Christian deserve this. Now a mosque has been burned in Joplin and the main theme here is the inability to tolerate differences.
The devil is working hard in this country. Shootings just keeps  happening all over our beautiful country that GOD gave us.  What is our goverment doing to stop it. We're a small town but about once a month or so they have gun sales, why do we let them sale them like that?  We need to PRAY for our Country and the people in it.  People and young teenagers need something to occupy them, rather than video games some which are very bad.  We took religion out of schools and most of the children do not even get to learn about our God as their parents don't go to church.  I live in an Amish area and believe me I have learned to respect allot about their religion.  You seen their children playing outside why ares are on something electronic playing.  If Jesus came back today I believe allot of us would burn in hell.  AMERICA!!  we have got to change and put some of the old ways back in.  Ice cream and gathering with neighbors, getting to know them and invite them to your church .  Have some Bible readings or studies we need to have PEACE in our
Country, to many  lives are being taken. I pray for the families of those  who were shot.  Ever night in our bigger cities several are shot are killed.  We need to get back on our knees and PRAY, PRAY,AND PRAY that we can get our Country to believe in God again and do the things he would have us do.
I completely agree with +Heru Rishardana. I think that people keep bringing that up too, because in their own minds, they have to separate people from being Muslim, because of how Muslims are viewed in this country. My heart goes out to the Sikh community as a whole, because I'm sure all are feeling the ripples of this unnecessary act of violence.

Unfortunately, I don't really think that turning the country back to God and making people "believe in God again" is going to help any. The belief in a higher power is what drives people to do things like this. Not to say that religion breeds violence, but the whole "my god is better than your god" thing is the problem. 
Basically you should not kill people that are different from your own beliefs. Be it political, social or religious beliefs. I thought that is what America stood for freedom and a right to believe and think as an individual. Providing your respected others and their beliefs.
I agreed with you Rick Hundley with my respectfully,every people have their own belief like my father is a muslim, my mother is catholic and my aunt and uncle is budhism . Final conclusion is only one GOD.
Hey Sarah Rana , you should say SOOOOO  SAD MUSLIMS KILL MUSLIMS.
HAPPY RAMADAN . The only gift I give to you is I pray for you. Not offense.
k thx.......... but there not muslims
do u thing 1 day comin to be great day 4 me and u ?
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