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Did star athlete Oscar Pistorius intentionally kill his girlfriend, model Reeva Steenkamp? Was he wearing his prosthetic legs when he fired his gun? A special report on the case is on CNN now with Randi Kaye. Watch “Blade Runner: Murder or Mistake?"
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Many good questions need answers ... 
Thank you, +Anderson Cooper 360, for all professional tenacity!
In prayer for his transparency and health for he doesn't seem to be handling this well ... 
Justice must be served all around. 
To your best weekend yet!  :)
CNN just reported 'The Blade Runner walks (for now) :) 
Yes I believe he did.
He fired through a closed door and he intended to kill who ever was on the other side; therefore he intentionally killed her.

He says he shot in self defence, when no one was threatening him the other person was unarmed!
He stayed in that night with her they shared the same bed, how could he not notice she was not in bed pitch black or not! His main thought should have been to protect Reeva.
If he was alone that night and Reeva came in without him been aware, I would believe him.

He shot her 4 times, she must have cried out.

He straight up murdered her.

She ran in the bathroom to hide from him. Locking the bathroom door is something couples don't usually worry about. Bringing cellphones into the bathroom is rare.

And not finding out where your lover is in the instance of an intrusion is a sign of a coward. I'd be worried about her before I was worried about my gun or the perpetrator.

And if you're too oblivious to see or hear an intruder, but reactive to a sound to the point of firing a gun at an uknown and unseen target, you're mentally insane and should be locked up anyway.
If he was a regular guy this wouldn't even be a debate and he wouldn't be free on bail. He murdered his girlfriend. Lock him up.
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