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Tonight on AC360: 16-year-old Haley Meyer was vacationing on the Carnival Triumph with her family. She took these photos to document passengers sleeping on the deck and the other hardships on the ship after the fire five days ago. Her story and eyewitness accounts from others at 8 and 10 p.m ET.
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Wow. Couldn't unload the passengers? I mean it is in the gulf coast...

Why didn't they sleep in their rooms? 
A billion people live that way ever day. Thanks for highlighting the real news CNN. {snark}
+Joey Kandah "Larry Poret confirmed reports of dire conditions aboard the ship, saying urine and feces streamed in the halls and down walls after toilet facilities failed, soaking the mattress of a friend of his who was sleeping in a hallway.
Emergency power failures caused section doors to slam shut, panicking some passengers who had no idea what was happening." From CNN. I thought this was a problem.
And then they schlep the poor passengers to Alabama. If that's not the ultimate insult, I don't know what is.
this has been happening for a while, what is going on on these boats....people getting sick, murders, what is it? I looked it up and while it occurs, statistically, its hardly a chance it will happen to good luck and have a good time.....
The retarded governor and his retrogressive tax plans to create a permanent underclass for one. What do you, live on a permanent diet of Fox News? Idiot cow. Go fuck yourself.
Where are you ? you are in front of  GOD and all who read this......
I thought it was ship ptrotocol to evacuate for any fire. I understand that throughout the world there are millions of people suffering due to poverty and illness, but this was supposed to be a vacation, not a 3rd-world reality series. No one paid hundreds of dollars to walk around in the urine of others, be unable to enter a bathroom that was functioning properly, sleep outside on hard floors, wonder about the sanitation of their food/water and become ill. All in all I have to agree with the Coops; they definetly experiences "hardships."
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