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Sex, lies, audiotape, and dirty little secrets. Jodi Arias faces the death penalty if convicted of murdering her ex. She says she first lied about killing him because she was ashamed. Do you believe she stabbed and shot him, and slit his throat in self-defense? A recap of the trial, and insight from Mark Geragos and Jeffrey Toobin at 8 and 10 p.m. ET.
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Saying that multiple stab wounds a gunshot and a slit throat were self defense is like saying "Oops I slipped."
Funny. Check the statistics of women in prison for killing a boyfriend or spouse. Most of the women in prison that are there for murder are usually a spouse or former spouse or partner. Then, in South Africa we have the blade runner claiming he didn't know who was behind that door and he walk out on bail. I don't know her whole story, why she felt she was threatened ect. Maybe he was an abusive fucker that made her life miserable. Maybe he threatened het in some way and years of rage and resentment came out at once? Either way...I find it curious how differently men & women are treated in these situations.
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