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St. Johns Episcopal Hospital in Queens, New York, took in elderly and disabled Sandy victims during the storm, but is unable to recoup the costs - nearly $3 million. Watch: 
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.. don't hospitals buy re-insurance for this kind of stuff? something doesn't add up.
One should not put a price on taking care of those who need medical care.  In times of need everyone must come together and help each other out.  And I am sure they are talking about what they would have charged what you and I would have had to pay and not just the cost of supplies.  They are feeling what we feel every day at their overpriced services.  I believe they can make up the lost from some kind of government help or tax write off. 
Everything comes down to dollars and cents.  Sometime, you just have to cut your losses, and look toward a greater reward.  Stop your crying! 
What ever happened to helping those in need? 
That is just Big Business for you.Always about the bottom line $$$$$
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