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Tune in tonight at 8pm ET for a special edition of AC360 live from Gaza. 
Take a look at some behind the scenes photos and videos of Anderson's latest reports:
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keep your head low Coop  palistinians can't tell the difference between Isreali's and americans
isreal sangat jahat , kanak kanak dan orang awam di bunuh oleh tentera zionis , amat wajar dunia menghukum isreal kerana kekejamannya . isreal Laknatullah , Amiin .
Hi Farhan
Have you ever seen it with your own eyes? Have you even seen a sniper sitting inside the ambulance shooting and killing your friend ? I have. With my own eyes
Don't get me wrong, both sides are wrong. Some more then others but end of the day it doesn't matter.
That bomb explosion was freaking loud !
Anderson, keep safe, you and your crew, and the people who are there.  May the true God be with all of you!
leave the true gods out of it, and our boy might survive,eh?
Ice Cold, Gloria. Stop waving your faith in places it draws gunfire
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