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With so many favorites, we can't choose the absolute single best Anderson and Kathy New Year's Eve memory...we're handing that decision over to you! VOTE HERE:

And post your questions for our co-hosts in a comment. They may answer live during the show on Dec. 31 at 10pm ET!
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+Elisa Nichols I agree with Rhonda! If that's how you feel about Anderson than take him off G+. Using slang like that makes you sound ignorant!
Anderson plus Kathy equals awesome. :-)
What does the middle "N" stand for again? Sorry, but even I'm not gay enough to watch this shit.
Maybe you 're not  " gay "   enough  to feel  the  affection  and magnificence  of these  extraordinary days.. But this is not the others'
New Year's Resolution: Stop hating; keep negative comments to yourself. I know this can't be so in our fallen world, but thought I'd post it anyway. Happy New Year to all.
i think anderson needs a new co host for new years kathy has some issues
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