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Tonight on AC360: Rep. Chris Murphy, who represents Newtown, Connecticut, tweeted: “Walking out of another funeral and was handed the NRA transcript. The most revolting, tone deaf statement I've ever seen.” At 8 and 10pm ET we ask him about his stance and discuss guns, mental health and school safety. What was your reaction to the NRA’s statement?
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Same as Representative Murphy - it was absolutely revolting and disrepectful to Sandy Hook Elementary School families.
U.S. Rep. Chris Murphy, D-5, now U.S. senator-elect (In Connecticut 'state rep.' would refer to a General Assembly member)
The NRA recommended placing guards at schools to protect our kids. If this is what we must do to keep the bad guys away from the kids then this is what we must do.
And who will protect our kids from armed "volunteers" if they fire at the kids? The armed guard at Columbine didn't deter the shooters just like the armed state troopers in Pennsylvania today didn't stop the shooter from killing and hurting people while LaPierre was yapping about "more guns will make it safer" speech.
Walmart, Saturday night special on guns!   We want to decrease the violence not increase the violence.  When you live by the sword, you die by the sword.  "Arm Guard!"
The Principal at a school, several teachers, and the school psychologist just died trying to protect their kids. It seems certain that if a guard was with them then they would have had a better chance.
High power rifles' sale is off the charts again at the gun stores in El Paso. I didn't go out to get any since I don't believe they will keep me safer in my own home, as evident by that dead woman whose son used her own gun to kill her before he went on a shooting rampage last Friday.
My reaction? Video games don't kill people, people kill people. Wayne LaPierre is a tool of the gun manufacturers.
Games or guns didn't kill people that little psycho did.
I agreed with Nathan,that we shall place more capable guards as one of the major reasons the perpetrator managed to execute his mission is due to weak security. And if these guards do their jobs well,I supposed there is no need for us to get guns anymore.

p/s: I'm rather disgusted by the insensitive moves of these bulletproof backpack companies. Yeah,you might think that these kids will be safe from bullet but how about their mental well-being as the backpack would serve as a constant reminder of the tragedy?
Wendy W
No one ever killed a bunch if people with a Wii controller or a Netflix movie disc.
+Rob B. Access to weapons cannot be removed anymore than drugs can be stopped.
Wayne and the NRA are right!  But why stop at schools?  What about malls? Libraries? Gas stations? Popeye's Fried Chicken?  Rental Car Agencies?  Applebee's? Hotels? Playgrounds? Children are there too--Right?  Armed Guard Checkpoints EVERYWHERE!  Great Idea--Let's do this! "Where are you papers sir?"
+Rob B. You mean that you will price all the normal gun owners out of their guns. There are millions of gun owners. The freaks will still find a way to get a gun Rob B just like they get drugs now.
+Rob B. I got a reloading press ill get around that artificial price hike. Cars have yearly tag fees yet we still have accidents with them. On top of cars being a luxury and not a civil right like firearms ownership. 
Where is the outrage from our elected officials? Oh yeah, they're busy jumping off the fiscal cliff. This republic is so fucked because we give value to people like Wayne Lapierre, who are solely devoted to the gun companies. It ain't about the 2nd amendment, it's about the shareholder and don't let them kid you, nor our elected officials. Embarrassing to be an American. 
+Rob B. No other civil right has a licence though. I dont need a licence to retain a lawyer or to write a blog or news column, or to have due process. 
+John Harty - we might have names and addresses. You don't have to register your gun in the state of Washington...

Edit: and let's not forget about the militant folks in northern Montana who could arm a small army.
+Geoff Friesen the ATF has the names from all the Form 4473s people fill out when they purchase firearms. 
+Rob B. I agree to having a gun registry as well as yearly mental evaluations. Funny, we have Sex Offenders database available to the public!!!
It seems that the bottom line is this. As things stand now we are basically powerless against these nutcases. Just how prevalent are these bonzai shooting sprees, and how much risk are we willing to incorporate? If we say that we are taking a no tolerance stance against our children getting attacked at school then we need guards on the campus connected to a larger network off the campus that can be there in a minute or less.

Talking about gun control is simply using a catastrophe for political gain and it will only delay an actual solution.

We need to honor this event by doing something about it that really works. Legislation cannot stop this evil element of our society, but boots on the ground with fast response times can limit the damage. A heightened awareness and access to some kind of defense at the school would at least give the people that are literally getting blown to pieces a fighting chance when the lunatic enters the building. 
+Geoff Friesen the vast majority, and lamzas guns were registered with the state. So that wouldnt have prevented anything. 
Okay... Point missed entirely. I'm done.
+Paul Henning - Not to mention none of those guns were  owned by the killer according to the media. Of course the media has done a piss poor job with this, because they cared more about ratings than actual facts. A simple "We do not have details yet, but we will let you know as soon as we do" would have been lovely, instead they ran their mouths off not caring if it was BS or truth.

But that is a different story altogether.  Back to what I wanted to say...Mental evaluations and all of that sounds nice and happy in theory. However, there are plenty of unstable people who can get their hands on guns illegally. So while all the responsible, and stable people are filling out mountains of paper work just to purchase a gun. Some complete psychopath already has one.
Revolting and Disrespectful was Mr Obama at the memorial service that he spoke at in Newtown. The first five minutes he did great and the last thirty seconds he named the children but not the adults at the school or the mother that was shot in the face by the shooter. Guns no matter the size do not kill people. People kill people. The fault is in our government. It all began when they let one lady bully them into taking pray out of our schools. I am 50 years old. I graduated from high school in 1981. Each school was start with singing My Country 'Tis If Thee' followed by the pledge of allegiance, they we had a prayer. One student or faculty member led us over the loud speaker. We had a club call Christ on Campus. I think it is time that we Christians take back our country!! The non-believers or people who do not pray to God can step out of the class room or just sit down and don't take part. But I believe it is going to have to start with Mr Obama making this big move and putting God back in our school systems. It is just like nourishment. Sometimes it is only at school that kids get a meal. Well at school, that might be the only place they here a prayer. 
I sympathize with Kimberly, but there are too many other religions in most communities to make that a kindness.  I don't, also, unfortunately, have a suggested solution for the steep decline in quality of education which has happened since you and I graduated (mine was 1963) which doesn't involve a return to family involvement, which includes religious commitment (of whatever flavor you care to honor)...
Has our society changed for the better? Kids are desensitized by violence on TV, games they play endlessly each day. Our right to bear arms by our forefathers was not to have a clip that holds 30 rounds. That type of assault weapon belongs on the battle field. I strongly believe as Americans we have the obligation to protect our homes. A gun with 6 rounds would stop an intruder, an assault weapon would be if an army was coming in. Lets us our minds and history and make the application for guns stricter, look into not only the person wanting the gun but family members in the home. If our medical records are on the computer for the insurance companies and pharmacy why not use that as a means of the application process. HIPPA laws? Get assault weapons out of the hands of citizens, but to remove our second amendment the right to bear arms of what our forefathers wrote back in 1791 when they had muskets. Was not their original intentions, guns have changed, technology has progressed leaps and bounds. Our right to bear arms should go along with "these limitations serve to protect the natural rights of liberty and property. They guarantee a number of personal freedoms, limit the governments power in judicial and other proceedings, and reserve some powers to the states and public" The government is taking too much out of the states and public and we these United States of America are becoming something other than what our amendment rights afford us.
District of Columbia v. Heller

Many against guns should read this. In 2005, the supreme court explicitly applied the second amendment to individuals. It is or constitution now.
+gloria martinez , have you read the second amendment? It is almost specifically talking about military weapons. Older ones of course, but it gave people access to the cutting edge weaponry of its day.
NRA claims nothing of the sort. I don't want armed guards at these public schools. Maybe the public schools were a bad idea to begin with, I don't know. I haven't seen any public commentary that I consider honest.
Throwing more guns into the equation will not deter.  I noticed that no one who agrees with the NRA on this issue, has commented on the fact that Columbine High School had an armed guard.  If it didn't work there... also, the drug analogy is not applicable.  If Walmart sold crack cocaine, there would be a lot MORE drug addicts out there.  Common sense, folks.  There is more than the gun problem (and yes, it is a problem) to what happened at Sandy Hook.  We need to look at all of the issues, including gun control, mental health issues, education, parenting... We as a nation owe this to our children and future generations.
White, black, any color man. You wrote white men place the greatest threat. I do not believe your statement "white men" was appropriate. Rather then just men in general. How often do you see a woman in the news, unless of course its in retaliation of a lover scorn. I just thought your comment of white men could have been simply put as men in general. 
Ok, So I have insomnia, and I came back and read what people wrote. Wow..Skip, You have been blinded by something. Because if you graduated from school in the states, I would assume you would have started your day off the same way as I did. And yes I agree with you 100% there are many more religions in the United States now than there was back in the sixties when I was born. More people have migrated to the US. And I would never deny anyone of worshiping whoever they worship. So to get that out of the way, I would say, that the schools would need to let each child to have a group prayer accordingly to their religion. 
And to Gwendolyn, why do you say it has to be angry white men? Why can't it be angry Latino men? Or maybe Angry Mixed-Race Men? You have no right to point the finger at a color of people. The palm of everyone's hands are the same color, we all bleed the same color. God or what ever your "Flavor" is He only created one race...That would be the HUMAN RACE.
And to you Gloria, If the government would legalize pot, the US would be #1 a hell of a lot calmer place. #2. The Debt of the government would be solved. #3 there would be less hatred and crime. Pot calms your nerves. It makes you relax. That is why people with cancer get it prescribed to them by doctors. It helps them with the nausea. You never read in the newspaper that Gloria got high on pot, got in her car and ran over and killed 13 adults at a petting zoo. That is because you don't want to go anywhere once you have smoked it.
The Senate, Congress, House of Reps, and Any one else connected with the President they all need to listen to the people on the streets. Not high flutin people. I am talking about people out in the real world. People that have maybe had a major health crisis and lost their job, and they are relying on disability. I wouldn't think that a person that is not of retirement age could not make it on disability. They need to listen to us. They work for us. We need to take back our country. I just wished for once, I could have 2 hours with the president. I don't care if it would be Mr Obama or the next person in line. But some of you people need to open your eyes look around you...The Senate and the congress...are screwing us. They continue to give themselves huge raises, and they have the best of best health insurance. What makes them so different? They should make no more than a base pay salary. they should be honored to be where they are, we elected them. And they should have to have that same crap ObamaCare that is about to be slammed down our throats. But, they are too good to have that insurance. They will have the best of everything until the day they die.
I guess I'm pleased to be selected, or something :) but don't really get it.  You came to school later than I - I was out by the time you started - but they may have still been doing morning prayer.

My comment was only that community norms would probably be a better guide.  Mine was extremely heavily WASP, but others might just as easily have been Ashkenazim.  I'm not in the least bit opposed to prayer, and am dismayed at the collapse of the family under welfare, let alone society in general, which is an entirely different topic, but think that - if there is to be one - that it reflects the community would be more appropriate than just "some" prayer.  For myself, the three major religions in the world all have the same God, and I'd (personally, understand - I'm more than a bit weird by most folks' standards) welcome prayers from their books.

My apologies, also, for reacting to a poster, rather than the meat of the issue.  I don't know the practicalities of placing a guard in each school, or making schools CCW friendly, and encouraging those so endowed to do so immediately, as well as encouraging the ones who might be willing to go through the very arduous (if you're just looking for jonesing on carrying) training and certification process, but I think it beats taking away every weapon which can fire more than one shot without having to reload (the definition of a semi-automatic weapon, which many zealots would have become illegal).  Sorry to have reacted to a comment instead of the question...

So, the answer to the question is that I thought it a bit wooden at best, but a reasonable reaction (like having to take off your shoes after the shoe bomber on the airplane) rather than a pro-active prevention measure.  Until there is some prevention of the crazies who do this being able to get there by whatever means (in this case, stealing weapons from a family member, but theft from anywhere else isn't all that difficult, so even mental screening isn't a full prevention measure), it won't matter WHAT you take away from the private citizen, the outlaw will always have the weapon - but the private citizen will be unarmed. 
+Kimberly Comfort my post said nothing about marijuana. It was clear I was speaking about us a one race. The human race, we need to help our people rather than leave them to their own means. Mental illness is alive and growing, we need to realize this and do something about it. Bullying in schools has to stop. We fall short as a society. Government grows and takes away more and more of our liberties, moving America into a society of comsumers and socialism. I am proud to be an American, but I am NOT proud of our government. 
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