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AC360's "9 Days of Terror: The Hunt for Christopher Dorner" continues with a former LAPD officer who doesn't condone Dorner's use of violence, but can relate to his anger. Brian Bentley says he too was mistreated. Anderson's interview is next and at 10 p.m. ET.
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Nothing happens for nothing. Everything has a cause. The investigation must go on concerning the LAPD throughout the recent years ..
saw the babtist family on did a good job on your show i enjoyed it..
We need more cops like Dorner.. Although I don't condone his killings, what do you do when you're pushed to the limits. Law enforcement in this country has gone from being a tool of the citizens to even out fairness, to becoming a tool of the government to oppress citizen's rights and freedoms. To where police departments think its members are above the laws.
+Anderson Cooper 360 I'd love to hear you ask police why they made the decision to switch from non-incendiary gas canisters to incendiaries, knowing that the chance of creating a fire and causing harm to a possible third party was greatly increased.

Why did they consciously introduce another deadly variable into an already highly dangerous and uncertain scenario?

He wasn't going anywhere. Due process can't be overridden by impatient law enforcement in any civil society.
I dont think he would of shot himself he wasn't crazy going killing people he was trying to gt sm information out and by all mean the lapd made it there business preventing that frm happening I dont think they made any effort of bringing him in alive cause they know they had a lot at stake 
Everyone knows they burned that house on purpose... This is what we (the public and citizens) are talking about. We're tired of all the cover ups and cloak and dagger shit. If you burned the house, just say you burned the house. How is hiding or concealing the truth, ever in the citizens best interest???
LAPD is notorious for the quotidian corruption that has infected its department. Do not bother looking to the mayor, as he chooses to turn a blind eye to his cowardly law enforcement for political reasons.

The police department from my city, who is 6 hours from LA will not hire officers that come from the LAPD, they are considered a plague here.
They're trying to say that they didn't set the fire.  Here is a link to an audio archive of the standoff:

It seems pretty clear that they set the fire.  Did they start a dialogue with him?  Did they attempt to ascertain if there were others in the house before they set it on fire?  Are they going to reimburse the owner for the loss of the cabin?
If the leaders of the LAPD don't want to clean up their ranks on their own, and they believe setting fires is the solution, maybe the good citizens of LA can take from their lead and torch a few businesses and courthouses again to help them with that decision making...
I find it scary that driving a vehicle that matched the description of Dorner's was enough to get two women shot. Is shoot first, then confirm threat, SOP?
+Scott Anderson It didn't even match the description.  Wrong color, wrong make, wrong model.  They had the unfortunate luck to be near the house of one of the officers singled out by Dorner, same as that surfer guy.  What I really want to know is, were the cops seeing red from anger or were they pissing their pants?
The LAPD will never change the way they treat all the minorities, my brother was kill by an ambush of five police cars with every one of them shooting at him , they did not allowed us to see him, then  I realized how helpless we all are in their hands.  They created this monster.  They should all blame themselves for all the blood that it was shade… at the end no one is free of guilt.  My heart goes to all the innocent victims, I cried when I think of the pain their families are going thru..... God please forgive them as they go thru life whithout a soul.
Most cops are like most military soldiers..Scared ass citizens who somehow feel empowered when they have that uniform on. I was in the marines, and I seen it all the time. Tough as nails on the base, and soft as cotton when on leave. They should be prosecuted for firing on citizens. Us citizens do not pay them to shoot before identifying suspects. I mean, even if it was him. To shoot when not presented with an immediate life threatening posture, they should not have fired. That's a job where you can't take it personal, no matter what. When you wear that badge, you represent the citizens, and the citizens have said that they do not want vigilante justice. This includes you citizens in uniform also.
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