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Breaking news: Egyptian Foreign Minister Mohamed Kamel Amr announced a cease-fire between Israel and Hamas will begin at 2pm ET today. Anderson will broadcast from Israel at 8 and 10pm ET with the latest. 
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I wonder how long this is going to last.  My guess it will be about 2 days.
I will never understand why the western media does not report what is the real reason behind the conflict between Hamas and Israel. They do not understand that all the Arab countries in the middle east are jealous because God Jehovah promised and gave the land of Israel to the Jewish people to settle for life, and the Arabs do not like it because they want it for themselves. The western media needs to read the word of God to understand the truth and not that so called word of god book the Muslims call the Qur'an. It it a false book unlike the true word God given to us by the one and only God Jehovah and the father of our savior Jesus Christ, and not there fake god Allah and why does the media only report what Israel does when after weeks of putting up with bombs and missiles fired at them they decide to fire back
God kills more humans than the devil ever has. True story 
develop your statement and let us understand
well i have watched and listened to the news and there is so much stupidity in the violent acts that the ones or the people of the violence are not of god they are not thinking of spirituality and peace like God does at all times. When things happen he knows it doesn't mean god did it man did.
I hope everything work out for all of the people.
Anderson you need to get some sleep.
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