Fantastisk historie fra den lille græske ø, Zakynthos, under holocaust: 

The Jews of Zakynthos share a similar history with the Jews of the Ionian islands, except that all 275 Jews of Zakynthos survived the Holocaust.
In 1944 Mayor Carrer was ordered at gunpoint to hand over a list of Jews residing on the island.
The list was presented to the Germans by Bishop Chrysostomos containing only two names: Mayor Carrer and Bishop Chrysostomos.
In the interim, all the Jews of the island were safely hidden in the mountainous villages.
Og efter det store jordskælv på Zakynthos i 1953:
The first boat to arrive with aid to the victims of the 1953 earthquake was from Israel, with a message that read, "The Jews of Zakynthos have never forgotten their Mayor or their beloved Bishop and what they did for us."
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