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My upcoming Book "WILD KNOWLEDGE - Outthink the Revolution" is ready for pre-order.
Get your signed hardcover copy now:

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Happy to have LID Publishing publish my upcoming book "WILD KNOWLEDGE - Outthink the Revolution" and to be a part of the Frankfurter Buchmesse - the upcoming Frankfurt Book Fair in October.

Release dates: UK March 2017, US May 2017 - additional regions to follow shortly.

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Science, Technology and God have been playing hide-and-seek since Leonardo Da Vinci started slicing up dead people in the search for answers of mysteries and secrets.

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Over the years I´ve been getting this question on many occasions, so I decided to write an article on the topic.

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Women Inspiring Business @ European Business School

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“Our Leaders of today need the philosophy of the past, paired with the science and technology of tomorrow”

7.5 Must-Learn Lessons from Philosophy
Bridging philosophy and leadership in the 21st century

In order to understand what tomorrow will bring, we must study what has already come to pass and use the knowledge gleaned from history’s greatest thinkers to identify our current “blind spots” that those before us have already observed. The leaders and entrepreneurs of today will learn much by uniting their new-world viewpoints with the thoughts of the great philosophers from the past. Every thought has already been thought; we only have to try to project the thoughts of the greatest minds onto our modern society.

#leadership #entrepreneurship #philosophy #future

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Forget "Innovation" - Forge Your Future with Avant-Garde - my latest piece published at Medium

#leadership   #futureofwork   #shapingwork   #innovation   #avant-garde

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I just published on Medium:
"A.I. on A.I. and other things to watch out for in 2016. 

The leaders of today need the philosophy of yesterday, paired with the scientific knowledge and technology of tomorrow. We need to understand that there is no “future” anymore, the changes are so rapid, the progress so fast, the information so vicious, that anything we might come up with and call “science fiction” is actually a reflection of the present.
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