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Wtf.... no, really... WTF???
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Report immediately for piracy. Not even kidding. 

Edit: Also, get in touch with every tech writer you know. This is not ok. 
Coño, como los markets chinos piratas!!

Para lo que ha quedado Nokia. 
Derek Ross
The verbiage on this makes it sound like spam...
It's not from Nokia, it comes from (non-fake address according to gmail filters)
Opera owns the store. It is actually one store under lots of different brands.
I think +Artem Russakovskii is correct, back in February, Opera Mobile Store apparently began sending out messages to let developers know they'd granted distribution rights for free apps to Nokia for the Nokia store, encouraging them to "claim" their apps.
Yeah, just found an email like that in our tips from February 24.

Nokia X is ready for your apps!
Opera Mobile Store
Nokia X is ready for your apps!

Dear Developer,

Today, Nokia announced a new family of affordable smartphones on the Nokia X software platform. Based on the Android Open Source Platform (AOSP), Nokia X will provide expanded consumer reach and monetization opportunities for your apps.

As per our agreement with you, we have granted distribution rights to Nokia for your free apps. In preparation for the Nokia X product and platform announcement, Nokia has tested your app and has published it onto Nokia Store.

To start the process of claiming your app, Nokia will need to be in direct contact with you and you must provide consent. We believe it will benefit you, your app and Nokia to connect directly.

Please provide your consent below:
Yes, I want to claim my app and I consent to being contacted by Nokia

Nokia will then contact you about your app and provide information on the sign-up process for your Nokia Store account. You can read more about Nokia X, the opportunities it provides and how to publish more apps at

Best Regards,
The Nokia Developer Team and Opera Mobile Store
"Contact me about finding new app users"
where does that link to?
+Google Play please review.
+Nokia please comment. 
En resumen.. Han bajado tu apk.. Lo han subido a su tienda.. (así por toda la cara). Y ahora dicen que la reclames? 
I've heard a bit about Microsoft doing something similar with Windows Phone 8 and web apps.
+eric peacock the link is a simple mailto link to the same opera email address with the following subject "
I allow the Nokia Store team from Microsoft to contact me
People still use adw launcher...
+Jerry Lange I have tried nearly every other launcher and always come back to ADW.
it's the best one for me.
first thing I do on any new Android is ADWLauncherEX
I got the exact same mail, also from Opera. My app was named in the subject, so if it's spam it's incredibly targeted. Well, obviously it IS spam, but scam? I don't think so.
I've got the same email too, for an app using Google Maps(!). I didn't even read until that absurdity.
It's not the first email I got from Opera.
To be fair though, it's probably one of the better alternative store policies I've seen... They haven't done anything wrong (IMO). Sure, they have added it to their store, but they're not distributing anything until you let them. All they have done is streamlined the process for you.

A LOT of other stores ask you to upload your app manually on every update. There's even one store (Which I'm trying to ignore) that detects that you have updated your app on Google Play, and then sends you a mail regularly asking to update on their store as well. 
+Mark Gjoel you can provide the same "streamlined" process withour pre-creating and/or pre-uploading anything. Just let developers to register AND THEN ask them for permission to automatic uploads, updates, whatever.
+Ander Webbs - Sure, but it doesn't matter. They haven't done anything wrong as I see it - aside from spamming everyone. 
+Mark Gjoel Other than going through code that's not theirs and uploading it to their store without their permission, sure, nothing wrong.
+Raúl Colón - They're not going through any code. They have downloaded a free app, put it on their own server with restricted access and asked for permission to distribute it.
So did they actually do it, or is it just really weird spam?
Lol , Nokia will not able to survive now even if they give away phone with app. 
What the f**k kind of crap is that?! Wow! There are no words...
This is wrong in so many levels that a mere WTF doesn't cover this kinda shit. Sue the bastards! 
I recieve same email for my app. No problem, as it AdMod driven. More users, more money. BTW, in my case it came from Opera Store. Opera sells our data to Nokia+Microsoft I think
Wow, I checked out and have 5 (five!) downloads :-)
Yeah, some ppl/scammers/companies just don't care if you don't want to use their market xD
Encima de que te hacen el trabajo, protestas.  Es que nokia y Ms hacen un gran trabajo robando a todo el que puede.
Ponte en contacto con la gente de Nokia y pregunta.
+Anna Melnychuk I've never been a developer of Opera and have never uploaded anything there, so I'm not completely sure about that...
+Anna Melnychuk oh, my bad... so nowadays a simple email (without terms, conditions, etc) can be used as a "contract" granting anyone unlimited permissions?
I reproduce here the entire email content:

*Dear AnderWeb,

We will be happy to distribute your Android products via Handster.

Handster is an independent Appstore with 20.000 unique visitors daily.
We also offer an Android Appstore solution for our OEM partners with Android phones and netbooks.
For example, we run Android store for HP AirLife and provide content for LG Android phones.

Your benefits by participating in the Handster distribution:
- more downloads
- higher promotion of your brands and your company name
- there are no costs associated with Handster distribution
- you will cover smartphones and netbooks, that don't have Android Marketplace.

Please reply, if you are interested in participating in Handster distribution.
Our content managers can add your freeware products, there are no actions or maintenance required from you.
You will receive login details to your developer account and can remove or update your products anytime.

Looking forward to your reply.

With best regards,
xxxxxxxxxx *

My reply (seems to legally entitle Handster/Opera everything... right?)

Yeah, I would like to participate, thanks.

Anyways, sorry for troubling you, this post escalated tooo quickly.
I think legally it is quite a bit more complicated than 'this can't be right'. A 'simple' email certainly can be used to engage in a legal contract just like how a handshake can.
In my case was even worse. During mwc nokia was gifting a phone if you upload your app to their market. Amazingly, my app was already there as somebody uploaded to opera market. Even nokia people were amazed, as they were not aware of this. Frankly, this lack of transparency says a lot abut new players.
(cont) i've received this mail also during this week, but the app was uploaded months before notifying
This is not a surpise, I suspect it's how Microsoft has always operated.
I call fake/spam/scam because of "You have app and possibly more..." 
The Nigerian price is getting really desperate. 
Gotta love commenters who don't read comments... :(
Honestly ... I think the best thing to come of this whole situation is the realization that hundreds if not thousands of end users are looking out for / have Anderweb's Back.  Just goes to show you what a quality product (adw) / developer (Ander) really is.
Support from day 1!
gimme your phone baby you gonna love my apps...
^yay for you?  Thanks... for sharing your thoughts on Anna with us.
+Eric Kok "Gotta love commenters who don't read comments... :("
Well I would rather say "Gotta love the post authors who don't edit and correct their posts..." =/
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