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#driveforlinux should be mandatory!!
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I can't utilize drive until a linux client is released. I can't imagine that Googlers don't need this to get work done.
Can't Linux users use Wine for now?
That's just not an acceptable solution. Google runs their business on linux and open source tools. They need to give back.
Aye, and preferably with a full OS client, not the binary blob Dropbox offers. Gimme some sudo yum install google-drive
Indeed, +Vic Gundotra's post about Google Drive got a number of comments saying exactly that (including one of my own).

As +Nick Adams says, it really is time they gave back. We got stitched up over Picasa which is a fantastic picture manager for Windows, and performs very poorly in Linux as it runs in it's own implementation of Wine.

Wine is a stop-gap solution, not something I'd want to base my entire cloud sync on.
Either way that sucks for you guys. They will prob release something soon :-)
What advantages do you think Google will offer over Dropbox? I'm a pretty loyal Googler, but I'm definitely sold with Dropbox and I probably won't change unless its appealing enough.
Everything in one place, and accessible from anywhere I have a 'net connection. That's the clincher for me!
What +Kevin Ferguson said. Tbh, GDrive has more or less the same features as Dropbox and is cheaper too. Plus you have the ability to create, share and edit documents on the go. Pretty much a win win in my eyes. Fits in perfectly with my Android.

I will add that it has been about 24 hours since GDrive launched and it's doing well for the initial release. It will mature over time.
I don't know if I can let go of the 9.8GB I've accumulated for free over the course of my Dropbox experience, though. I'm curious to see how the two of them compete.
I don't get what kind of stuff people are storing online for something to be more than 5GB :S
I fill most of my space up with photos and shared dropbox folders.
Here's a reply I just posted elsewhere that answers the question from my point of view:

"Horses for courses! I use Dropbox a lot. Personally, to send zipped photos to friends and family, and professionally for transferring multi-megabyte databases and packaged customizations to customer servers (quicker than FTP if you cut and paste the URL into a browser)."
Don't you guys have localised storage?
*cough.. built in wxpython.. *cough.... client source code and client encryption key is easily de-obfuscated... #securemyass
Did I mention anything about security? I simply said it was a solution!
my bad shouldve been clearer, I am talking about the entire google drive application... not the ubuntu thirdparty one...
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