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Very well written analysis about Android applications, processes and memory
#Android trivia of the day! Activity A starts Activity B, but there's not enough memory to start Activity B. What do you think will happen?

Check out the answer on the Android Activity and Low Memory post - #AndroidDev #AndroidDevelopment
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If I had to guess OOM on A
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Ander Webbs

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The comments are great. This one made me laugh:
" As you can see below, the original, straight cursor was indeed much more difficult to pick out amongst the blocks of basic text."

There isn't a single symbol in that graphic that is distinguishable, and there isn't a similar shot of an angled cursor to compare it to. So, no, you can't tell shit.
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Things are not "working as intended" when indeed are broken #androiddev
Another not-so-simple example of how the android permission system is not "cool enough".
It appears that Android works on a "first one in wins" strategy with custom permissions, which opens up vulnerabilities for apps that employ them. Here's a blog post I wrote about this, with links in there to a more expansive write-up, plus links to a new CWAC library that offers some help in mitigating the risk.
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Bob Igo
"Working as intended" == "Fixing this would be hard"
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Ander Webbs

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Will Lenovo give the trackball/trackpointer a comeback to mobile phones? 
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easy*  sry my
E  int's working hard on keyboard
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wow, plain "cool".
Via +Fernando Miguel 
Hi all,
We found an Android trojan in the boot partition of an infected Android device. Since the boot partition will be loaded as a read-only RAM disk during Android's running, all existing antivirus solutions can't effectively clean it.
The trojan will drop malicious APK to system directory, connect to C&C servers, download and install other adwares, fetch and execute other commands.
We classify this trojan as bootkit and named "Oldboot". This is the first Android bootkit in the wild as best we know. By our statistics, there’re more than 500,000 Android devices infected by this bootkit in China in last six months.
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Really, I can't wait for the second and third generation of android smartwatches/wearables... specially when the 5" screens and the 16 cores and the 4GB of RAM arrive...
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Yeah, I can hardly wait for my smartwatch with 5" screen! :-P

Well, if it were foldable, or just roll up smartly somehow when you don't need it...

TBH, I don't wear watches anymore for years already. I grab my phone when I want to look at the time.
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Isn't this a bit... Scary? #androiddev
Here's some Android Black Magic:

Dynamically change the bytecode of an Activity declared in AndroidManifest.xml to extend an Activity class downloaded from the net. Now your app can be updated without going through Google Play and doesn't require additional install procedures.

Update Android Apps Dynamically with no User Interaction - by @newsycombinator via @flyneapp
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Great finding & cool technique that may be abused for a lot more than updating your app. Dynamic class loading has been used on the standard JDK world outside of Android for a while though. I wonder if largely abused would make Android consider imposing restrictions in the system classloaders to ensure the Google Play restrictions cited at the end of the article. 
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Ander Webbs

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that was fast... and awesome!!!
And it's live (at least for me it is). an APOD wallpaper provider for +Roman Nurik's Muzei Live Wallpaper (
Use with Muzei to get Nasa's Astronomy Picture of the Day on your homescree...
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Ander Webbs

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And when I read a comment from Dianne Hackborn over a "smart and non biased" article in a million-visits-and-famous blog, I feel her all like... 
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Nate F
As a dedicated end-user of a product, I feel that I am more than knowledgeable of not only hardware-to-market but also software development lifecycles and satisfying fiduciary responsibilities to worried stockholders better than anybody who runs these multi-m/billion dollar companies.

Let me explain in a Disqus comment...
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Ander Webbs

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If you want to shape copyright law, then you should fill this in, and, if you feel that you can't spare the time for the 80 questions then you should probably question just how strongly you feel about copyright law in the #EU ...
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