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Hey community, I've just uploaded a new beta release (v2.0.1.23) with some (even more) options for you to obtain that desired "OMGNexusLauncher" style.
It should be rolling out through google play any moment from now.

-You already were able to remove the top search bar/widget/whatever you put there.

-You already were able to create your own "Calendar widget" on the home screen.(anyone sharing an ADW widget template for us? ;)

-You already were able to create your own "G-search-bubble" on the home screen.(anyone sharing an ADW widget template for us? ;)

-You can now select a "manual slide up" app drawer open transition.

-You can now select a "nexus-arrow-indicator" too.

-No, Google Now on the left page is not available, don't ask for it sorry.

Please note this is an initial implementation and you may find issues, so please report using the available channels (Feedback Form and the G+ community).

Also I've fixed some other small issues reported here and there.


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+Ander Webbs​ ok sure.
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Ander Webbs

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The next ADW Launcher 2.0 beta update is live, with the following stuff :)
-Added a shortcut to change the just the Icon Pack from the Icon Appearance screen.
-Long Shadow effects for ADW Custom Widgets!
-Added a Launcher Action to open Google Weather (from the Google now app) when available
-Fixed "Most used apps" category
-Fixed more polar dashboard compatibility issues here and there.
-Vibrate when opening app drawer (and an option to turn it off)
-Moved some "advanced settings/advanced settings" to better places
-Added 2 new iconsets for weather extension
-New screen to configure the default options for the weather extension widgets.
-A few new really cool widget templates, in the launcher and in the extensions pack.
-Tons of minor fixes and tweaks.

Just make sure you update both ADW Launcher ( and ADW Extension Pack (!
Enjoy and report feedback as usual!

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Ander Webbs

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This is my pokedex... Seems not all screen sizes are properly supported.
Another reason to wish for those new nexus ;P
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My 1st gen motoX looks the same
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Ander Webbs

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What makes ADW launcher different from the rest is that it retains the original feel and quality of what a launcher should provide to users and instead of focusing on a mass amount of features, development focuses around the launcher, not directly on it. Keep up the good work guys.

I hope Sapphire Launcher to provide just as good quality to my users. 
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+Eduardo Castro​ once we fix major bugs, hopefully soon
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Ander Webbs

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Hopes growing. I could even "overlook" those top/bottom bezels.
Let's see how this evolves :)
We have something to share with you. It's a secret. Oh wait, you can see it right there in the post.
The moment you've all been waiting for, right? As you can see in the above image, Google's Nexus phones are taking on a decidedly cleaner design language f... by David Ruddock in Exclusives, Leaks, Marlin, News, Rumors, Sailfish
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+Daniel Becker I'll wait to see the real size (and price) differences between the new 5" and the new 5.5", but initially I'm on your side about 5" being more comfortable for me.
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Ander Webbs

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With the latest update from this morning, we bring you a new video on how to design a custom widget within ADW Launcher 2 [Beta].

Make sure you install at least version (you can check your build version inside ADW Advanced Setting) as we've fixed a small refreshing issue inside the editor on anchored layers.

We hope it serves as inspiration for you to start creating your own! We can't wait to see your creations ;)

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+Ekansh verma in google play
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Ander Webbs

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This is incredibly important -- and it doesn't get nearly enough attention.
Hint: It has nothing to do with the display or processor -- or even the presence of flashy add-ons.
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Nice click bait title...
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Ander Webbs

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Here's a new little video-tutorial on adding the new Google Weather launcher action to one of the latest widget templates.

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I had did this with yahoo weather but now all back to google, thanks a bunch!
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Ander Webbs

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After looking for already made solutions out there and not finding a "good enough" one, been working on a way to generate Long Shadows on android, with variable angle, length and style.

It works at bitmap level so it can be used for texts, images, whatever.

I'm sure the result could be better, but my knowledge doesn't reach there. It could be implemented in pure java (slowww as hell) or C/JNI (a bit faster but not enough for realtime).
If I knew how to do it in RenderScript I'd try to see the speed comparision, but never done anythin with RenderScript so I have zero idea how to even start (hint hint, help anyone?).

#androiddev #yesthisiscomingtoADW2
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Ander Webbs

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That took longer than expected, lol
The "Pokemon Go" app is fashionable!!!! so, here you have the "Pokemon Go Clock" to ADWLauncher 2

You can download and install the template from:

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Cada día te superas más
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Ander Webbs

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In the last update, we have added a new custom widget, in this widget you can see the new property 3D vertical/horizontal rotation of the layers, try it and enjoy!!

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I bought your app for $0.10 would have easily played more. Thank you for such an awesome app. 
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Ander Webbs

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Do you like the tutorial on how to make custom widgets in ADWLauncher 2?

You can download and install the template that I created in the video:

It uses ADW Extension Pack, so you need to have it installed to gather your weather.

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Sweet I'll have try it.
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