After the stars were formed in massive and dense clouds of molecular hydrogen and the Earth's crust cooled....Our awakening to the Anunnaki came rolling into our end of the milky way.
ALULU, The first king of the planet Nibiru and was also the first King to be exiled from the planet he discovered, Earth. He later fled and died on Mars.

Intro: Section One

A re-telling of Zecharia Sitchin's translation of what the Sumerians came to believe.

The Sumerian people had their own belief system. They believed that some 445,000 years ago, an alien race called the Anunnaki came here with fifty strong, from a planet called Nibiru or Planet of the crossing and came down in a ship and splashed into the sea of the Persian Gulf. And When the Anunnaki emerged from the sea with their Leader E.A. - It's meaning, "Whose home is water."- they intend to tear into the Earth and mine for Gold in South East Africa. The use of gold was for their planet, For its atmosphere was dying and they had the knowledge to repair it.
  E.A. found Homo erectus, human beings ancestor. The current intelligence of the planet is not teachable or obedient and it still lives and swings from the trees.
So they took it upon themselves to genetically created a race. After countless tries to mix the DNA of the caveman with Their own, They made many abominations of what should have never seen the sunlight.
A human hybrid was achieved and to keep it obedient he was made so he could not reproduce. After years of this new race being treated as slaves. To show love for the hybrids, the Anunnaki God Enki gave them the power to reproduce. This gift humankind received from Enki infuriated E.A. and the workers became useless and could not mine anymore quickly fell out of grace with the Anunnaki gods...
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