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A couple watching an IPL Match together

After 5 minutes

Wife : Is this Brett Lee

Husband : No, this is Chris Gayle, Brett Lee is a bowler

Wife : Okay, Oh Look, Another Wicket

Husband : No, this is just a replay of the Last One

Wife : Hmmm, Looks like India is going to win this one

Husband : It's Bangalore Vs Kolkata

Wife : Is the Umpire calling for Helicopter?

Husband : No, It's a free hit

Wife : Now whom is he saying "Hi" to

Husband : He is signalling a "Bye" run

Wife : How many runs they need to win now?

Husband : 72 runs in 36 balls

Wife : Eh, That's easy, Just 2 runs in 1 Ball

Husband turns off the TV

Wife immediately turn it On again and start watching "Saraswati Chandra"

Husband : Isme Saraswati Chandra kaun hai?

Wife : Agar phir se disturb kiya toh jaan se maar dungi
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मेरी सभी पुरुष मित्रों से अनुरोध है की किसी भी लड़की का फोटो 
फेस बुक पर न अपलोड करें और न करने दें,
अगर ऐसा कोई करता है तो उसे समझाएं, सही दिशा दिखाएँ 
नहीं समझता है तो उसका इलाज भी करेंगे हमलोग मिलकर 
हमारे यहाँ हर लाइलाज बीमारी का इलाज है।
आओ मिलकर कसम खाएं किसी की बहिन को "बे आबरू"
नही होने देंगे। जय हिन्द
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