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Google broke G+.

They changed something in photo/video display page. So far i found 2 broken things:
1) You can't copy image's address right-clicking on it. It's intentional, i think.
2) You cant view youtube videos if you have "click to play" enabled for plugins. When you click to activate the player it just shows you "More albums" page.

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Happy birthday, Sergey!

Sergey Sirotkin turns 18 today. Plus to congratulate him.

Best wishes from +Sauber F1 Team

#F1 #SauberF1Team #SergeySirotkin #HappyBirthday  

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Потемкинские деревни по-ирландски.

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Google recently released a feature called "Auto Awesome" that finds the best smiles from multiple pictures and creates a "best of" picture.

This is the disturbing result from the "Auto Awesome" feature working its magic. Yikes!

#autoawesome   #autowtf  

Deleted Hangouts from the phone. Restored g.Chat instead.
Feeling a bit calmer now. Still want to clean out my account.

Writing it here is very ironic though. 8)

Just realized that G.Hangout is not using XMPP anymore.

Don't be evil my ass, Google.
Thinking about cleaning out my account.

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Holy mackerel!
Is that a cross-dresser on the deck of Enterprise? 

To boldly go, indeed. 8)

It's funny how internet is buzzing about #reader today but this is what i get in "What's hot and recommended":
-"Google Chrome Developers" post that is being shoved my throat, on the top position with no reposts and pluses
-BigAndroidBBQ post. This one at least has 18 reposts and 9 comments

And only then goes usual "popular" crap with hundreds of reposts and thousands of comments.

No #reader stories though.

#dontbeevil  my arse!

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Change default search engine back to Yandex. Done

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