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The rise of popularity of street and urban art may be identified in the fact that more and more galleries are becoming interested in street artists. Here is the list of 7 street art galleries in Mexico you should know about. 

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"Cancun offers plenty of surfaces buildings, overpasses and walls to tag, mural, sticker and wheatpaste. Street art here is the messages with the constant change of formats and styles. The messages that tell us a lot about what is happening in Cancun and in general in Mexico... " There is a new article in a blog

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"Tulum is amazing. A paradise hidden on the south of Riviera Maya, “flavored” with cozy cafes and restaurants, picturesque street art and gorgeous white sand beaches. It has only one huge problem. There are so many things to do and to see around. Don’t worry – we will experience the city together starting from the best beaches to crazy adventures and delicious gastronomical traditions". There is a new article in a blog about Tulum.

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Cancun is one of those rare cases when you come to see a modern resort but can discover a city of art and fashion.
Mayan history lives here in every house and every street – and with one turn of your head you can jump from all exclusive concept hotels to the urban part of the city – intercultural, welcoming and persistently stunning for everybody who is just ready to see it.
Lets stroll down the streets of the city and take a look...

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Good morning. There is a new article in a blog about 25 greatest Mexican graffiti artists that you should know about
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В журнале Bloomsbury magazine ( вышло интервью со мной о путешествиях, волонтерских программах за границей, экстремальных ситуациях в поездках...
There is a new interview with me about traveling, volunteer programs abroad, extreme situations ... in Bloomsbury magazine
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Georgia...Located in the Caucasus, along the black sea, this country  with European vocation and western spirit,  great landscape and cultural variety has a lot things to offer. 7 reasons to visit Gerogia this year
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Friends, right now my blog has its version in English and the first new post  with my photos of Cuba that show real life at the time of comminism. I hope you will enjoy it

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В блоге новая статья с пошаговой инструкцией, как получить рабочую визу в США. Оказывается, не все так сложно
#США   #Америка   #виза  
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