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Anastasia Hilinsky
I am the CEO and Product Lead of BuildRX
I am the CEO and Product Lead of BuildRX

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Does anyone still use G+? I haven't been on for a while and wanted to say hello. : )

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Here's all the universities on Google+ - 17 so far.

Spotted any more we should add?

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Google+ exceeds 40 million users!

Looks like G+ is growing much, much faster now it's open to the public. The press seem to have moved on to other shiny things for now, but Google is quietly building up a monster social network.

This growth rate is much, much faster than Twitter's.

Once G+ hits 100 million users, will it begin to be taken seriously as a true rival to the big social sites?

Who's going to F8?

Dear Google+,

Please stop suggesting people that I should add and then not allowing me to add them.

Thanks, Ana

So excited that I'll be leaving for Israel next weekend! I still need to figure out which startups I should try to meet while I'm out there. Any suggestions?

All earbuds hurt my ears, all of them... It's driving me crazy.

Does anyone else have this problem or any suggestions? In the last few months I've tried Apple, Panasonic and SkullCandy. There has to be a single pair of headphones out there for me!!

P.S. I have the same problem with ear plugs and headsets. :(

Who recommends that I go get a new MacBook Air to replace the one I got in April? Is it worth it?

Is anyone else finding to be really laggy? Just curious. I feel like my stats go up and down throughout the day randomly.

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