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Intro to Permaculture is a free, four-week course provided online by Open Oregon State that teaches the process, ethics and principles of permaculture.

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How to Plant a Rooftop Garden
Click to Enlarge Image Raise the Roof: How to Plant a Rooftop Garden Infographic by CustomMade

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Where are you from originally? How long have you lived in Queens? I was born in Guyana, South America and grew up in Southeast and Southcentral Queens. I’ve lived, worked and played in these ne…

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To help decalcify your pineal gland, Granett suggests:
Eliminating sugar, processed foods, and genetically engineered foods
Drinking purified water. To help break up the calcification, take one teaspoon of cold organic apple cider vinegar in water once per day
Consuming raw beets four times per week, as beets contains high amounts of boron that also help break up calcification
Taking an antioxidant supplement
Using non-fluoridated toothpaste
According to British researchers, about 15,000 people may be afflicted with hypothyroidism in the UK as a result of drinking fluoridated water.

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​ Re: Making Love with Life
​ Re: Making Love with Life The smile that a daffodil commands.  The sweet scent of a Star Gazer.  The sun's tickling kiss on a lazy morning.  Fat, playful cumulus.  The lullaby of rain on a tin roof. The smell of wet.  The soft, coolness of cotton sheets. ...

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An historic seed bank, running out of time: #seedkeeping The Roughwood Seed Collection​ is fighting to keep the storied varieties in its private archive alive—by sharing them with the public #seedsaving  #seedsatyagraha 
The Roughwood Seed Collection is fighting to keep the storied varieties in their private archive alive—by sharing them with the public

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Why does someone have to be sympathetic and non-threatening to be listened to?

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Feed your inner bookworm with these world-renowned bookshops.

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Ecuador Earthquakes Response viz UN Habitat3 2016-36 Quito
P-A-T-H is affiliated with United Nations Habitat and following the earthquake to get in the post rescue/relief phase for planning and reconstruction as about 25000 diverse experts/affiliates would come to Quito Mid October 2016 for the Habitat3 Conference. With the large Ecuadorian diaspora present in New York, New Jersey - I hope to put together a effective task force for a better response to this calamity and learning for the various participants coming to the country.

Please include me in any groups, e-lists, updates, websites and contact me for anything we could be of avail from New York. I'm an architect extensively experienced in India, China, Haiti Earthquakes, Katrina, Sandy Hurricanes, Indian Ocean Tsunami and I understand  Your interest, ideas and initiatives could go a long way coming together for a combined action.

Arkitect Makrand Bhoot AIIA, MICA, LEED AP
Director: P-A-T-H Principal: AmbA
Professional Alliance for Technology & Habitat
Architect makrand bhoot & Associates (India)
Click for   Professional Linkedin Profile    or    Personal FaceBook Page
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Anandi Premlall

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“Doomers” like Albert Bates and Guy McPherson are balanced by a few who see and sense much of the same and yet internally clothe the entirety in an infinitely larger, richer light. For …
I am the change I want to see in the world. Earth Artivist. Urban Farmer. Dirt Worshipper. Thriver. Educator. Place Maker. Green + Brown Goddess.
  • SustyQ
    Artivist, 2012 - present
  • Friends of The QueensWay
    Founding Member of the Executive Steering Committee, 2011 - 2015
  • Earth Matter
    Urban Farm and Compost Apprentice, 2014 - 2015
  • Down to Earth Markets
    Farmers Market Manager at Queens Botanical Gardens, 2014 - 2015
  • Battery Urban Farm
    Farm Education Apprentice, 2014 - 2015
Basic Information
I AM the CHANGE I want to see in the world: Artivist. Earth Mother. Do Gooder. Go Getter. SustainABLE.

Anandi A. Premlall is the consummate eco-agricultural citizen of New York City. She is a Urban Farm Apprentice at Earth Matter NY on Governors Island, studies Urban Agriculture at Farm School NYC, is an Earth Activist and Permaculture Designer, a Certified Mistress Composter, Citizen Pruner, and MillionTreesNYC Care Captain. Anandi is Artivist and Founder of a grassroots initiative and soon to be social enterprise known as Sustainable Queens (SustyQ),which promotes health and community engagement in Queens by integrating artistic creativity, holistic wellness practices, and ecological principles of building healing spaces. She envisioned a "Queens High Line" once upon a time and has been an enthusiastic member of the Friends of The QueensWay Steering Committee ever since. When this Guyanese native is not playing with dirt or crafting shenanigans through tactical urbanism; she devours books and uses social media for good.

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Farmer, Friend, Foodie
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Queens, NY
New York City, NY
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