After sunset, Isaac Hale Beach Park, Pahoa.

All Hawaiian islands are basically lava, but Big Island in particular, you see it everywhere. You are driving on it or walking on it at all times.

One of the comical things that happened to me in this trip was how many times I fell while taking photographs. Slick rocks, dry rocks, smooth rocks, sharp lava, I fell many times. My wife fell just once, but managed to get hurt more than I did in all my attempts.

I was wearing hiking shoes (thanks again, Durgi, for the reco of the Vasque, it truly saved me this time) when running over these rocks trying to capture the sunset, but sure enough when I took my eye off the rocks, crashed promptly. On all my falls, no major damage to either myself or my camera gear (a small ding to the polarizer notwithstanding).

Pahoa, in particular is very rugged territory. The Kiluaea volcano, as recently as 2014 destroyed homes in this village; it is also spectacularly beautiful.

This photo tries to sum up the mood of what it is to be in the eastern side of the island.
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