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The Little Mermaid { Free Pack }
you learning about or reading “The Little Mermaid” in
your classroom? Then you’re going to love this 53 page file !
It’s full of exciting activities that are sure to keep your 1 st , 2 nd , and 3 rd grade students
engaged and loving what they learn! Wha...

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The Missing Thrigraph { Free Pack }
you are teaching about trigraphs , it’s important
to get plenty of practice! When it comes to the THR
trigraph , you’re going to love this    FREE download . It’s sure to help your Kindergarten,
1 st , or 2 nd grade classroom and homeschool
students en...

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Nursery Rhymes { Free Pack }
you’re focusing on nursery rhymes in your Kindergarten,
1 st , or 2 nd grade classroom or homeschool , you’re
going to love this 30 page file! It’s full of great activities to keep your
students engaged in their learning! Your students will learn about i...

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Vocabulary is an absolute necessity at any
grade level, but it’s especially important to create a good foundation in the
primary grades. That’s why this FREE 25 page family
vocabulary resource is great for use with your Kindergarten
or 1 st grade classroom ...

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The Crow and the Pitcher { Free Pack }
Fables are a great way to bring life
lessons into the classroom while also helping your Kindergarten, 1st or 2nd grade classroom or homeschool  students
learn valuable skills. This FREE “The Crow and the Pitcher”fable  pack asks students to identify importa...

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Tall tales full
tales are a great way to keep your upper elementary students
engaged in learning, while still ensuring they meet the necessary standards and
skills that must be covered. Today let’s focus on Pecos
Bill and how this FREE download can help
your 4 th and ...

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Athena Myth { Free Pack }
M yths are a great way to get your 2 nd , 3 rd , 4 th , and 5 th grade students excited about learning! When you incorporate this FREE Athena resource into your lessons, your students
are sure to be having fun and engaged in their learning. With the activit...

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St. Valentine's Brochure
St. Valentine’s Brochure or trifold is great to learn about St. Valentine’s life.  Invite your children to look for information about St. Valentine’s life and complete the brochure. You will find task to complete such as: What I know What I want to know Wha...

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The Mitten
With this download you learn about The Mitten. It’s a great print and go back for school or home! With 50 pages of printables, your life will be made easier by just printing off the worksheets you need to teach the lesson.  The Mitten product focuses on the...
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