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Open Source Social Networking Platform and Framework
Open Source Social Networking Platform and Framework

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It's time to update your #Anahita installations. 

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The focus of #Anahita 4.3 was to completely remove Joomla from Anahita. The focus of next release will be #MobileFirst and developing a client server architecture where all the UI layouts and elements are generated in the browser using Javascript while the server side php becomes mostly an API.

This article describes the ideal scenarios that we are aiming to achieve.

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It's upgrade time. Anahita 4.3.3 Birth release comes with a number of bug fixes and improvements

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Anahita is now a stand alone platform #opensource #grapharchitecture

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We have reached a new milestone. Anahita has given birth to version 4.2.0 release #opensource #graph #framework

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Whenever we reach a new milestone in our journey, it feels amazing and we cannot wait to tell you all about it. So what was accomplished during the last 4 months? All the Anahita javascript library was rewritten from ground up. #opensource   #socialnetworking   #platform   #framework   #knowledgesharing   

We have just published a new readme file for the Anahita 4.1. We need your feedback. Please tell us what's wrong with it and how it can be improved. #opensource   #socialnetworkin   #platform   #framework   #github

Anahita wants your feedback. Could you please take 5 minutes and fill out our survey? We really appreciate it #opensource   #socialnetworking   #platform   #framework

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We have been quiet for a while and working hard for the past 4 month. It may not seem like a lot of changes on the surface, but we have rewritten the entire Anahita javascript library in JQuery in this release and we have done a lot of optimization using CSS3 and HTML5. #Anahita   #opensource   #socialnetworking   #platform   #framework  

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Hyve app is developed using #Anahita 
It's been such a pleasure working with the Hyve app team and developing their infrastructure for them. Since then, they have taken over the development cycles, built new features, and gained traction. This is one inspiring story of a young local startup. #mobile   #app   #marketing   #startup   #vancouver  
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