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Drove to the wrong airport. But still made it to SJC in time! And I didn't even drive over 80!

The mobile boarding pass worked fine, they are prepared for it. A little bit awkward since you can't walk with your phone through the scanner, so the guy on one side checks the pass and yells to the guy on the other side "She's ok!".

Dude, of course I'm ok.
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А куда же ты приехала? ты же писала, что должна улетать из SJA! Или там теперь два аэропорта, в Сан Хосе?
И где ты оставила машину? В аэропорту?
Oh boy, I did that once. Fortunately, I was flying Southwest and while they didn't have a flight for me at SFO they did book me on a later flight from SJC without an extra charge.
I drove towards SFO instead of SJC. Realized and turned around, and luckily traffic wasn't that bad.

+Esperanza Vazquez, yes, left the car in an airport parking lot. Since the terrorist scares, they don't let you take your car on the plane anymore.
Ах, какие мы остроумные! Я думала, может, Дан с тобой. :)
А вообще, предлагаю: берёшь вашу машину без водителя, потом она сама может домой вернуться, как лошадь. ;)
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