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Ana Lorian
Connecting soulmates internationally...
Connecting soulmates internationally...


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Come hangout with me (Matchmaker Ana) and Sexologist Kimani while we discuss the important topic of SEX AND DATING! 😌😌 

I'm sure this one will get interesting... So grab a glass of wine, get comfortable, and tune in Thursday at 8:30pm.
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Dating in 2015 is challenging for many singles.  Where do you go to find great potential mates?  Who should I be dating?  How do I make dating fun for me...I hate it?! Believe me, I've heard it all.  This hangout will get your dating life back on the right track so you can finally have the life and relationship you desire!

During this hour, you'll learn
-The top 3 things you need to know before you go on another date.
-The 5 dating traps and how to STOP FALLING into them.
-Why a DATING BLUEPRINT is the key to going on dates with better people.
-The 4 main items your DATING BLUEPRINT should have.

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