Last week was the first time I published only one post since I started Traffic Generation Cafe.

No, I haven’t fallen off the face of the Earth.

I was just reminded of WHY I started this blog to begin with.

And it wasn’t because I wanted to become an “A-list” blogger (whatever that means) in my niche.

It wasn’t because I wanted to be known throughout the blogosphere as the traffic generation tzarina.

Don’t get me wrong, my egocentric “me” would LOVE all those things.

However, the reason I started blogging to begin with is simple: to have the freedom to enjoy life while still making some money to support my family.

Unfortunately, it took me a year and a half to actually do it, but last week I decided I didn’t want to work.

We spent a day in the city of San Francisco, wondering around, exploring, eating crepes off the street cart, getting wet in a fountain…

We went exploring the multiple hiking trails in the Oakland Hills.

We celebrated my birthday.

We celebrated the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ in the beautiful Fort Mason chapel on Easter Sunday.

We took a dip in the Pacific ocean at the gorgeous Stinson Beach.

I had the best clam chowder of my life.

We bought a house! Well, we are under contract to be exact, but everything looks great.

I had a perfect week simply enjoying life with my family.

THAT’s what this life is all about.

And I am glad I was reminded of it.

Yes, it was a great week.

…And we are back to business.

Last week I published my March income report.

Many of you said “wow, it’s great to see that someone is actually posting REAL numbers and actually making money blogging.”

I also got a few emails saying that with all the traffic I get, I should do much better income-wise.

I agree.

So I decided to see how other bloggers are doing in terms of making money with their sites.

I did a little digging, looking for diverse income sources and how productive and passive those income sources were.

I hope you find my research as helpful as I did.

With +Smart Passive Income , +AdSense Flippers , +Tom Ewer , +Bamidele Onibalusi , and more.
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