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It’s good to be the queen.

Yesterday, I decided that I needed a better way to keep track of what’s going on in the world of online marketing and how it could potentially affect Traffic Generation Cafe, and voila! a new series was born.

In my Weekly Chop Shops, I will share the posts/videos/social media updates I read during the week on the latest and the greatest in the online world.

This week’s spotlight is on Google’s latest fight against link building and, more precisely, blog networks.

Since it seems to have affected Traffic Generation Cafe, this topic is now near and dear to me and here’s the scoop.

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Right Ana, any monthly paid links to blogs should be axed asap.
They don't pay attention so they get slammed. It's called if you want good rankings, you have to stay within the rules, and most don't even know what the basic rules are, let alone stay within them. HF P.S. I started a blog (healthyseosnacks - not much there yet, so I haven't really rolled it out totally, but it's coming along - some feedback on it Ana is appreciated since you're more of the blog pro than I am) just for beginners, and I trying to keep things very simple and in small snack size bites so maybe subscribers will actually take action on my suggestions right away, and get some results slowly but surly. btw; how did the move go? In your new place yet?
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