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Princeton University says Facebook is an infectious disease

Have you ever wondered if (or when) Facebook will go the way of Myspace and lose its tight grasp on society? Researchers at Princeton University seem to think this will happen quite soon.

By comparing the spread of Facebook to that of an infectious disease, John Cannarella and Joshua Spechler found that Facebook is likely to lose 80% of its user base by 2017.

Does this hold any ground? We'll see in 2017, I suppose...

One thing for sure: most of you reading this post and me writing this post prefer Google+ over Facebook for a reason.

What are your thoughts?

HT +DashBurst ; research published at
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I think it's too early to call but yes Facebook is going in that direction.
+Ana Hoffman this is a great study. I think it's a little epic but interesting nonetheless.
but...infectious diseases don't die....they destroy the host..right??  So, then , what will Facebook turn into?
+Ana Hoffman we are very fortunate to be living in the most dynamic time that humankind has ever experienced and one symptom is rapid constant change. We are in for a terrific ride so hang on and do not expect any model to have a long life - WOW this is exciting. ;-)) What do you think will be dominant Social Media vehicle in 2017? I bet it has not hit the internet yet. Take care and be well.
Looks goofy. Didn't Zuck go to Princeton?
It is...and I love it! Can keep up with folks so much easier there it seems.
WOW!  I think Facebook would not lost 80% by 2017.  There have to be something (a site or place) where children, teenagers, customers, business, and non-profit organizations could hangout.  Google is a bit complicated and I still trying to figure it out.  However, I must say, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest is growing.
+Jackie Spellen There are many reports we've been seeing lately that teenagers are fleeing FB (can't think of a link right now), so we'll see.
I think most people will still have an account, but use it much, much less. For people like me who keep up with friends from long ago, it would be like losing them all over again. Facebook's here to stay, but I think it will be a lot less active.
I just use Facebook for chatting and a bit of scrolling through peoples life events. By "a bit" i mean you scroll through FB very fast because most are just quotes and image shares, which you see a thousand times. Catching up ive moved a lot more to texting or calling them (am i getting old?)

Also on the FB vs Google+, i really like how Google has the ability to find new people and friends, with all the community-features etc. There is always something to do and something to search for, while on Facebook you have to know the right community group names (on FB called "groups") to even be able to join / apply to join.

So yes, i believe FB will fall in near future, and ive heard that the youth dont even use FB so much, they prefer Twitter for messaging and Instagram for pics.
When I login to Facebook I see lot of spam, it gets me tired. G+ besides is much cleaner and with the circles I can choose what I want to read. Thanks +Ana Hoffman 
+Micky Fernandez I love what +Joshua Berg said about G+ - that's precisely why I am not going back to FB or any other social media platform:

Persons with rank authority, who own authoritative high PR blogs & websites throughout the Internet in the "good neighborhoods," make up a larger percentage of Google+ individuals than any other social media platform. These are the people learned in the gospel of Google, they've worked hard to build quality links to their content & disavow the bad link neighborhoods. Getting to know & engaging a handful of these people personally & passing your message on to them, where they can cite your quality content, I'll wager on average is worth hundreds of others elsewhere. These are the people who upon finding your content to be of value, will end up linking back to it from these high quality sites.
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