Meet Being for iPhone - an app that lets you experience Instagram through someone else’s eyes

Being allows you to experience Instagram as it would appear from the perspective of any other user, making use of the list of feeds they “follow” (less any content that is marked as private).

Here's what Adam Mashaal, founder of Being, said in a blog post on Medium (talking about WHY Being was created)

"Everyone is a curator.

Each time you follow someone on Instagram or subscribe to a channel on YouTube, you are telling the world, “I am down with this.” Your social media feed is like an art gallery you’ve personally curated, but instead of Monets and Warhols hanging on the walls, it’s cats in human clothing, fail videos and photos of exquisitely-designed coffee."

Makes sense, right?

How does Being work in practice:

Users can browse trending Instagram accounts, can search for specific Instagram users and can browse users in lists like ‘presidential candidates,’ ‘pop stars’ and ‘techies,’ as examples.

Once users select an account, the app replicates the account’s ‘following’ feed so users can view the public content the selected user would currently see if they opened Instagram.

For instance, users can select Hillary Clinton, and view public content from the 68 users the presidential candidate is currently following.

Download Being on the App Store (free)


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